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The world record for the heav­i­est let­tuce was bro­ken in 1974. Colin Bow­cock of Mersey­side (pic­tured) grew and ex­hib­ited a spec­i­men of the va­ri­ety ‘Salad Bowl’ that weighed

25lb (11.34kg). Colin’s other heav­i­est salad veg achieve­ments in­cluded:

■ Cel­ery plant – 35lb (15.875kg).

■ In­door cu­cum­ber – 11lb 6oz (5.15kg). This was sur­passed in 2015 by David Thomas of Corn­wall with a cu­cum­ber weigh­ing 28.5lb (12.89kg).

■ Out­door cu­cum­ber – 8lb 4oz (3.74kg).

■ To­mato truss – 20lb 4oz (9.175kg). How­ever, Colin’s world records were not con­fined to sal­ads. He also broke records for cabbages (see above), dwarf beans, leeks, parsnips and shal­lots. In 1979 he wrote the best-sell­ing book How To Grow Gi­ant Veg­eta­bles.

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