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ACROSS 1 Col­man’s salad leaf, per­haps (7)

6 Al­lium cepa, also known as scal­lion (6,5)

7 Ed­i­ble, starchy, tuber­ous roots of any climb­ing vine of the genus dioscorea (4)

8 Genus of the broadleaved bam­boo (4)

9 Gen­er­ally ac­cepted that groups of plants in ___ num­bers look bet­ter (3)

10 If one is ‘led up the gar­den path’, one could end up through this! (4)

11 Stag la­bels, as at­tached to plants, per­haps! (4) (anag)

13 The sweet white vi­o­let (5,6)

14 Most bed­ding plants are these – yearly! (7) DOWN 1 Area con­tain­ing many small, soft plants known botan­i­cally as musci (5)

2 De­li­cious and ex­tremely ap­petis­ing, as in the dessert ap­ple va­ri­ety, and rose ‘Truly ________’ (11) 3 Ly­ch­nis floscu­culi,a pink-flow­ered Euro­pean cam­pion of damp grass­land, with di­vided petals that give it a tat­tered ap­pear­ance (6,5)

4 The win­ter or alpine heath (5,6)

5 This large genus of flow­er­ing plants of the pea fam­ily is also the sur­name of a late Brazil­ian F1 rac­ing driver (5)

10 Con­tro­ver­sial TV gar­den de­signer Diar­muid _____ (5)

12 Stumps or bases of branches that has been lopped off (5)

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