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‘ What about Euro­pean (in­cludes Rus­sian) and Ja­panese clas­sic cam­eras? Mine in­clude De Vere and Gan­dolfi from the UK, Lin­hof, Alpa and Le­ica from main­land Europe, and Nikon and Toho from Ja­pan. And what about Amer­i­can cam­eras? Graflex, for a start.’ ‘Ap­par­ently I’m “happy to be an out­sider” be­cause I use an older dig­i­tal model or two. Cool!’ ‘De­fine clas­sic. I’ve got a Canon 50E – that’s EOS mount. So is that clas­sic, or mod­ern or what? I’ve also got a late Bron­ica, I didn’t know they were just about to close down the fac­tory.’ ‘I’ve got two Olym­pus OM-1 cam­eras, un­for­tu­nately out of use for var­i­ous rea­sons. I also have three Prak­tica Su­per TL 1000s, two of which are in more-or-less reg­u­lar use.’ ‘Can’t take part be­cause al­though I have a num­ber of such cam­eras I have not used them since I went dig­i­tal.’ ‘I am not sure the Nikon F5 is con­sid­ered a clas­sic but I have a cou­ple and even use them oc­ca­sion­ally. Not to men­tion an Olym­pus XA that hasn’t been used for a long time.’ Join the de­bate on the AP fo­rum

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