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I en­joyed the re­cent fea­ture on gig pho­tog­ra­phy in smaller venues ( AP 16 Septem­ber) but how do you get around the prob­lem of be­ing at the back in the crowd when you are try­ing to get shots of the band? It can be very hard to get an un­ob­structed view be­cause of all the hands in the air – not to men­tion ev­ery­one try­ing to get phone snaps or video record­ings. I am not the tallest AP reader in the world, so it’s re­ally an­noy­ing. Jodie Hollingsworth No easy an­swer here, Jodie. An ob­vi­ous so­lu­tion is to con­tact the band’s pub­lic­ity peo­ple (or the band them­selves) and try to ar­range to get to the venue early so you can get a good spot. If you dis­cuss how they might be able to use your im­ages, it will smooth things along. Try us­ing a longer lens or a cam­era with a tilt­ing screen so you can at least zoom in or ‘rise above’ the rest of the crowd. Or turn the prob­lem to your ad­van­tage and get some at­mo­spheric shots of crowds en­joy­ing the band. Let us know how you get on – Ge­off Har­ris, deputy edi­tor

Even with ma­jor acts like Robert Plant, you can get good shots from the crowd with the right gear

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