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At low ISO set­tings, the E-M10 Mark III gives good im­age qual­ity, with at­trac­tive colours, min­i­mal noise and plenty of de­tail. Its JPEG pro­cess­ing does have a ten­dency to blur the low­est-con­trast de­tail, but you’ll only see this if you look closely at your files on­screen. Im­age qual­ity holds to­gether well up to ISO 1600; there’s vis­i­bly more noise and noise-re­duc­tion in the JPEGs, but its main im­pact is in shadow ar­eas. It’s only at ISO 3200 that noise starts to se­ri­ously de­grade the im­age, although colours re­main strong. Be­yond this, im­age qual­ity de­te­ri­o­rates no­tice­ably: ISO 6400 is still per­fectly us­able for so­cial me­dia, as is ISO 12,800 at a pinch, but I’d avoid ISO 25,600.

The crops shown be­low are taken from the area out­lined above in red

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