Re­cov­er­ing un­der­ex­po­sure in raw

Amateur Photographer - - Technique Take Control Of Iso -

17There may be times when you don’t have a tri­pod and would pre­fer to keep ISO lower than, say, 1600. In these sit­u­a­tions you’re go­ing to end up with an un­der­ex­posed im­age where ex­po­sure and de­tail will need to be re­cov­ered dur­ing post pro­duc­tion. If you take this route make sure you don’t push the ex­po­sure too far be­cause it will in­tro­duce noise, and what you’re do­ing here is es­sen­tially the same as us­ing ex­panded ISO. This is coun­ter­pro­duc­tive un­less un­der­ex­pos­ing to save high­light de­tail at the ex­pense of darker tones, so it’s bet­ter to raise ISO within the na­tive range than to un­der­ex­pose and then re­cover.

Use soft­ware such as Adobe Cam­era Raw to re­cover un­der­ex­posed im­ages

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