Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 USM

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IF YOU own a Canon APS- C DSLR and like the sound of pho­tograph­ing ob­jects at true life-size (1:1), you’ll want to add a ded­i­cated macro lens to your ar­se­nal. Equiv­a­lent to 96mm in the 35mm for­mat, this ded­i­cated macro lens will en­able you to cap­ture stun­ning close- ups, thanks to its 20cm min­i­mum fo­cus dis­tance. The in­clu­sion of Canon’s Ul­tra Sonic Mo­tor (USM) means it can fo­cus silently on sub­jects, and with Su­per Spec­tra coat­ings to sup­press ghost­ing and flare, in ad­di­tion to full-time man­ual fo­cus over­ride, it’s not short of fea­tures for un­der £400. What’s more, it dou­bles up as an ef­fec­tive por­trait lens and cre­ates beau­ti­ful back­ground blur be­hind sub­jects when it’s used at its max­i­mum aper­ture. All in all, it’s an ex­cel­lent dual-pur­pose op­tic for Canon APS- C users who want a lens that’ll last a life­time with due care.

If you’d like to shoot breath­tak­ing close-ups, this lens is a wor­thy con­tender

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