Find the nodal point

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The nodal point of a lens is the point at which rays of light en­ter­ing it con­verge, and it’s the ideal point around which to ro­tate the cam­era when shoot­ing a se­quence of shots to cre­ate a panoramic im­age. A sim­ple way to find this point is to put a stick or wire in front of the cam­era and align it in the viewfinder with a more dis­tant ob­ject. Then try ro­tat­ing the cam­era around dif­fer­ent points along the lens bar­rel – ideally with the cam­era mounted on a panoramic tri­pod head. You’ve found the nodal point if the two ob­jects stay in align­ment dur­ing the ro­ta­tion.

A panoramic tri­pod will help you find the nodal point

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