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I read your Pana­sonic TZ200 re­view with in­ter­est (AP 26 May). I re­cently looked at the TZ100 as a re­place­ment for my TZ60 (it’s had a hard life), but set­tled on a TZ90. I felt that its flip- out screen and 30x zoom were a fair swap for a slight loss of im­age qual­ity. This is my fourth or fifth cam­era from the TZ range. I’ve al­ways got it with me. I also have a DSLR for tak­ing ‘proper’ pic­tures, but don’t al­ways have that with me.

I’ve found that the value of the TZ90 as a point-shoot-and­sort-it- out-af­ter­wards cam­era is sig­nif­i­cantly un­der­mined by the fact it won’t pro­duce raw files in In­tel­li­gent Auto (iA) mode. The TZ60 wouldn’t do this ei­ther.

So, my ques­tions are: Will the TZ200 pro­duce raw files in iA mode, and if not why do you think that is? And, does the TZ100 have this is­sue too?

I’ve of­ten won­dered why the TZ range has such a lim­ited min­i­mum aper­ture (f/8) and your TZ200 re­view ex­plained that to me, so I hope you can ex­plain this as well. Alan Cox In fact, both the TZ100 and TZ200 can record raw files in iA mode. I sus­pect this is be­cause Pana­sonic con­sid­ers them to be aimed at more se­ri­ous pho­tog­ra­phers than their smaller-sen­sor sib­lings, which makes sense given their much higher price point – Andy West­lake, tech­ni­cal ed­i­tor

Alan won­ders whether the TZ200 can pro­duce raw files in iA mode

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