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When set to its low­est ISO 100 set­ting, the K-1 Mark II de­liv­ers ex­tremely clean, de­tailed im­ages that sur­pass al­most any­thing else at its price point. Noise only starts to be­come vis­i­ble be­yond ISO 800 when ex­am­in­ing im­ages close-up, and de­tail is still main­tained very well at ISO 3200. Af­ter this things pro­gres­sively de­grade, with ISO 25,600 los­ing all fine de­tail and suf­fer­ing from re­duced colour sat­u­ra­tion. By ISO 51,200, files are barely us­able and just like the orig­i­nal K-1, higher set­tings should be avoided. The top two ISOs seem to be lit­tle more than a mar­ket­ing gim­mick, giv­ing ex­tremely noisy im­ages in which the sub­ject is barely even recog­nis­able.

RAW ISO 12,800

RAW ISO 3200

RAW ISO 204,800

RAW ISO 819,200


RAW ISO 51,200

The crops shown be­low are taken from the area out­lined above in red

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