Olym­pus OM-2

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LAUNCHED 1975 GUIDE PRICE £100-130* Au­to­ma­tion and an elec­tronic shut­ter ar­rived with the OM-2, us­ing a switch on the top-plate to of­fer man­ual or aper­ture pri­or­ity modes. The OM-2 was the first cam­era to fea­ture off-the-film (OTF) me­ter­ing, in which the ex­po­sure sen­sor mea­sures light re­flected from the film. Vari­a­tions in the light dur­ing long ex­po­sures are mea­sured and com­pen­sated for dur­ing the ac­tual ex­po­sure. With an Olym­pus flash­gun fit­ted, the me­ter’s sen­sor also con­trols flash ex­po­sure for through-the­lens (TTL) flash au­to­ma­tion.

Olym­pus OM-2, first with an elec­tronic shut­ter

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