Auto Mask in Cam­era Raw

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If you se­lect the Ad­just­ment Brush in Cam­era Raw to ap­ply a lo­calised ad­just­ment, there is an Auto Mask op­tion at the bot­tom of the Ad­just­ment Brush panel. When checked, this con­strains the brush strokes to ar­eas of colour that are sim­i­lar to where you first clicked. As you paint you can re- click to clear the orig­i­nal sam­ple colour to make a new sam­ple. You can also re­fine the se­lec­tion by hold­ing down the Op­tion key (Mac), or Alt key (PC) to erase in Auto Mask mode. In this way you can build up a masked se­lec­tion in Cam­era Raw. Hav­ing done that you can fine-tune the Ad­just­ment Brush set­tings to ap­ply the de­sired ad­just­ment. Watch out for speck­led edges though. These can ap­pear along edges of soft colour tran­si­tions and can be par­tic­u­larly no­tice­able when ap­ply­ing strong tone and colour ad­just­ments.

Use the Auto Mask op­tion to con­strain the brush strokes

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