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Se­lect sub­ject

To quickly se­lect an ob­ject, try go­ing to the Se­lect menu and choose ‘Sub­ject’. This com­mand clev­erly works out what the main sub­ject in a photo is and cre­ates a se­lec­tion around it. It won’t work for every im­age, but of­ten does sur­pris­ingly well. Here, it se­lected nearly the en­tire car in one step.

Magic Wand tool

Click­ing with the Magic Wand tool cre­ates a sim­ple se­lec­tion based around the sam­pled colour where you clicked. If not all the de­sired pix­els are se­lected, you can use Se­lect> Sim­i­lar to se­lect more pix­els of a sim­i­lar sam­ple colour based on the same tol­er­ance set­ting as the orig­i­nal Magic Wand se­lec­tion.

Quick Se­lec­tion tool

The Quick Se­lec­tion tool of­fers a su­pe­rior Magic Wand style se­lec­tion method. Click, or click and drag once, to cre­ate an ini­tial colour-based se­lec­tion and keep click­ing and drag­ging to add to the se­lec­tion. Hold down the Alt key as you do so, to sub­tract from a quick se­lec­tion.

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