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The UK sup­ports up to 45% of Europe’s pop­u­la­tion of oys­ter­catch­ers in the win­ter, mak­ing it an in­ter­na­tion­ally im­por­tant lo­ca­tion for them.

Lo­ca­tion Can be found along the UK coast­line all year round. Some birds breed in­land, par­tic­u­larly in East Anglia and north­ern parts of Eng­land and Scot­land.

Size Length 40-45cm; wing­span 80-86cm

Nest 2-4 cryptic eggs are laid in a bare scrape on peb­bles, on the coast or on gravel is­lands.

Diet On the coast, mainly mus­sels and cock­les; in­land, pri­mar­ily worms.

Pop­u­la­tion 110,000 UK breed­ing pairs; in­creases to 340,000 birds in win­ter.

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