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Spot Healing Brush

Sim­ply paint over prob­lem ar­eas with this brush and Pho­to­shop will re­place the area with con­tent based on the sur­round­ing pix­els. It’s very ef­fec­tive at removing small marks and spots or an­noy­ing patches such as a dis­tract­ing bright spot that was on the branch.

Con­tent-Aware Fill

This will au­to­mat­i­cally fill ar­eas for you by analysing the rest of the im­age. Draw a rough se­lec­tion with the Lasso tool then go to Edit>Fill Se­lec­tion, set ‘Use: Con­tent-Aware’ and hit OK. You’ll find con­tentaware tech­nol­ogy at work in other tools like the Spot Healing Brush.

Healing Brush

This is a cross be­tween the Spot Healing brush and Clone tools. As with the Clone tool, we Alt- click to sam­ple a clean area nearby then paint to re­move the prob­lem patch. It’s the ideal tool to use if you find that the Spot Healing tool doesn’t give you the re­sults you want.

Clone Stamp tool

The other tools here are clever, but, as with all semi-au­to­mated tools, some­times they can go wrong. This is where the Clone tool comes in. Use it to clean up any messy patches or miss­ing de­tails. Alt- click to sam­ple a clean source area, then paint to re­move un­wanted de­tails.

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