EE Wi-Fi Call­ing solves poor mo­bile sig­nal prob­lems

Wi-Fi Call­ing means you can make calls and send texts with­out a mo­bile sig­nal. Here's how to get it

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If you strug­gle with poor re­cep­tion at home your op­tions are limited. One is to get hold of a sig­nal booster box, but th­ese aren’t al­ways freely avail­able. How­ever, EE has in­tro­duced a new ser­vice called Wi-Fi Call­ing, which al­lows you to route calls through your router and the in­ter­net to solve the prob­lem with no ad­di­tional hard­ware.

What is Wi-Fi Call­ing?

Although Three and O2 of­fer sim­i­lar ser­vices (InTouch and TuGo, re­spec­tively), th­ese re­quire apps and there­fore keep calls and texts sep­a­rate from

your regular ones. The same is true of Skype and What­sApp. EE’s new Wi-Fi Call­ing is dif­fer­ent – it’s built into the phone and al­lows you to make calls and send text mes­sages even when there is no mo­bile sig­nal. This means if you’re on the Lon­don Un­der­ground or you live in an area with poor net­work cov­er­age, you can still carry on us­ing your phone like nor­mal.

Who is el­i­gi­ble for Wi-Fi Call­ing?

It’s cur­rently avail­able to those who pay monthly, and small busi­ness cus­tomers. Cor­po­rate 4G clients will be able to sign up for the ser­vice in the sum­mer.

Which phones work with EE Wi-Fi Call­ing?

At the time of writ­ing, the Lu­mia 640, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge were the only de­vices with the fea­ture. More mod­els will, of course, be added to this list. For ex­am­ple, EE has com­mit­ted to bring­ing

Wi-Fi Call­ing to the Sam­sung Galaxy S5 and has con­firmed that some iPhones are com­pat­i­ble.

You’ll need to pur­chase your hand­set from EE to have the cor­rect soft­ware. Putting an EE SIM in your ex­ist­ing un­locked phone won’t add the fea­ture.

How do you use EE Wi-Fi Call­ing?

Your phone from EE should come with a sticker on the box ex­plain­ing what to do, but you can text ‘wifi call­ing’ to 150 to set it up. You might also need to head into the set­tings of the di­aller app to switch it on. You’ll get a new sym­bol on­screen, but you may not even know you’re us­ing Wi-Fi Call­ing.

Once you’re set up, you sim­ply use your phone as nor­mal – the calls and texts come out of your al­lowance and don’t ap­pear on your bill any dif­fer­ent. There’s no need to use any­thing apart from the regular di­aller and mes­sages app. Ring or call some­one as per usual and if there’s no mo­bile sig­nal, the phone will use a Wi-Fi con­nec­tion in­stead.

Note that the other per­son doesn’t need Wi-Fi Call­ing for it to work as only your end of the com­mu­ni­ca­tion re­quires Wi-Fi. A quick ping test will check if the con­nec­tion is good enough to han­dle the call but, for now, the call will drop if you lose the Wi-Fi con­nec­tion. The ser­vice doesn’t yet have the abil­ity to switch from Wi-Fi to mo­bile net­work.

Once set up just use your phone as nor­mal – the calls and texts come out of your al­lowance

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