How to send and re­ceive texts on a tablet

Fancy a big­ger screen for man­ag­ing your text- and mul­ti­me­dia mes­sages? We re­veal how

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Aphone is all most peo­ple need to send and re­ceive text mes­sages, but sync your in­box to your An­droid tablet and you can more eas­ily man­age your SMS- and mul­ti­me­dia mes­sages. You get a big­ger screen and larger key­pad for typing too, so here’s how to get text mes­sages on a tablet.

The ser­vice we demon­strate in this ar­ti­cle is com­pletely free. It syncs text mes­sages be­tween your phone and tablet over the in­ter­net (Wi-Fi or mo­bile), but the mes­sages them­selves are still car­ried through your mo­bile net­work. This might be use­ful if you are go­ing some­where you know you will

have Wi-Fi but no mo­bile re­cep­tion, al­low­ing you to leave the phone at home and take the tablet in­stead. All you pay is what­ever your mo­bile op­er­a­tor charges you to send a text. Most mo­bile con­tracts in­clude free texts, but rarely pic­ture mes­sages.

If the rea­son you need to be able to text from your tablet is that your phone never gets a sig­nal, or you’re look­ing for a free mes­sag­ing ser­vice that syncs be­tween phone and tablet, sidestep­ping mo­bile op­er­a­tor charges, try What­sApp.

Step 1. On your An­droid phone launch the Google Play Store app and search for MightyText. Se­lect it in the list of re­sults, then tap In­stall on the next screen. Ac­cept the re­quested per­mis­sions.

Step 2. If your An­droid phone is logged into a Google ac­count MightyText should pick this up. Se­lect which Google ac­count to use if you have more than one, then tap ‘Com­plete Setup’, OK.

Step 3. Pick up your An­droid tablet and ei­ther browse to and se­lect ‘In­stall tablet app’ or launch the Google Play Store app and search for ‘SMS Text Mes­sag­ing – Tablet SMS’. As be­fore, tap In­stall and ac­cept the per­mis­sions. Step 4. Open MightyText on your tablet, se­lect your Google ac­count and tap Com­plete Setup. Tap OK on the next screen. You’ll get a mes­sage con­firm­ing your tablet has been linked with MightyText. Tap Launch MightyText Tablet App. Step 5. On your tablet you’ll see what looks like an email in­box. In the left panel you get a list of

con­ver­sa­tions, and tap­ping on any of th­ese brings up the con­ver­sa­tion in the main panel. At the bot­tom is a text-en­try field that can be used to send texts.

Step 6. Should you re­ceive a new text, it will still go to your phone’s usual Mes­sag­ing in­box. How­ever, you will also re­ceive a no­ti­fi­ca­tion on your tablet that you have re­ceived a new text mes­sage, and it will ap­pear in the Mighty-Text app on your tablet. Step 7. It’s pos­si­ble to turn off new mes­sage no­ti­fi­ca­tions – or mute them – on the tablet from within the Set­tings menu. Tap the three hor­i­zon­tal lines at the top left of the app, choose Set­tings, then dis­able ‘SMS, MMS and Phone Call No­ti­fi­ca­tions’.

Step 8. Also in this op­tions menu is a Pho­tos/Video en­try. Tap on this op­tion to man­age any me­dia sent to your phone within mul­ti­me­dia mes­sages.

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