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It was re­ported to­ward the end of last year that Google would up­date its Gmail for An­droid app and in­tro­duce ‘Block’ and ‘Un­sub­scribe’ op­tions to the Set­tings menu for in­di­vid­ual emails. This should make it much eas­ier to block an email or un­sub­scribe from an email in a cou­ple of taps, but

we’ve yet to see the up­date fil­ter through to the app. In the mean­time, we’ll show you how to block or un­sub­scribe from email on an An­droid de­vice.

If you’re look­ing for a way to block spam mes­sages from Gmail for An­droid, it’s im­por­tant to first dif­fer­en­ti­ate be­tween spam mes­sages and those emails from com­pa­nies you have per­haps un­wit­tingly au­tho­rised to send you mar­ket­ing in­for­ma­tion at some point in the past.

When you mark an email as spam it stops that mes­sage be­ing a prob­lem for you, but it can cause prob­lems for oth­ers down the line. Mark­ing an email as spam flags it up to Google, which will in­ves­ti­gate if it gets mul­ti­ple com­plaints about the same do­main. If Google de­cides to act on it that ad­dress could be­come black­listed, which clearly af­fects more peo­ple be­yond you.

If you’ve ever bought any goods on­line, then you will know ex­actly what we mean by email that is an­noy­ing but not spam. You more than likely ne­glected to re­move a tick box at check­out, thereby au­tho­ris­ing them to send you mar­ket­ing in­for­ma­tion by email. It’s ir­ri­tat­ing and you want it to stop, but mark­ing this email as spam is not the an­swer.

Un­sub­scribe from spam email

If an email is sent from a le­git­i­mate com­pany, there should be an un­sub­scribe link some­where within it. This might be right at the bot­tom of the email, and it might be in tiny print, but we bet you it’s there. Un­sub­scrib­ing from th­ese emails is a much bet­ter so­lu­tion than mark­ing them as spam be­cause it stops them be­ing sent to you in the first place, rather than block­ing them once they have been sent.

To un­sub­scribe usu­ally all you need to do is click the Un­sub­scribe link. This will open the browser on your An­droid phone or tablet, which should con­firm that you are now un­sub­scribed from that news­let­ter. Some sites may re­quire you to log into your ac­count to ad­just your ac­count pref­er­ences.

If you con­tinue to re­ceive mes­sages from the com­pany hav­ing un­sub­scribed from their news­let­ters, mark those mes­sages as spam.

Block spam email

If you’re fre­quently get­ting mes­sages from a firm you’ve never dealt with or given per­mis­sion to email you, th­ese are more than likely spam. Re­port­ing it as such within Gmail for An­droid is easy.

To re­port a Gmail mes­sage as spam ei­ther open it or tap and hold it in the con­ver­sa­tion list pane to se­lect it, then tap the three ver­ti­cal dots icon at

the top of Gmail and choose ‘Re­port as spam’. It’s that easy. (For the record we are not say­ing that Lake­land is send­ing us spam mes­sages, we are merely it as an ex­am­ple.)

From now on mes­sages from that sender will still be de­liv­ered to your phone or tablet, but they will land in your spam folder and you won’t re­ceive a no­ti­fi­ca­tion. Af­ter 30 days they will au­to­mat­i­cally be deleted. It will be up to Google to in­ves­ti­gate mes­sages marked as spam and to take ac­tion.

Block Gmail from spe­cific senders

If you have ac­cess to a desk­top browser in which you can view your Gmail mes­sages (on a PC, lap­top or tablet), there is also an op­tion to block mes­sages from a spe­cific sender.

Open the email in the desk­top ver­sion of Gmail and click the down­ward ar­row icon to the top right of the Gmail mes­sage. Here you’ll find an op­tion to Block ‘X’, where X is the sender of the email. Tap this to stop them send­ing you spam mes­sages in the fu­ture. Mar­tyn Casserly

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