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The Xiaomi Mi Band and the Mi Band 1S were the best-value fit­ness bands we’d ever seen – un­til now. The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 adds a 0.42in OLED dis­play that lets you mon­i­tor your steps and pulse as well as the time, without ever need­ing to pick up your phone.

Un­less you’ve ever tried to work out what three flash­ing lights meant on the Mi Band 1 or Mi Band 1S you won’t ap­pre­ci­ate how use­ful an ad­di­tion is the screen to the Mi Band 2.

Ad­mit­tedly, the ad­di­tion of the screen re­sults in a de­crease to bat­tery life over the orig­i­nal Mi Band, but it’s still a class-lead­ing 20 days from a 70mAh recharge­able bat­tery. That’s Xiaomi’s claim, but it’s also in-line with our ex­pe­ri­ence and one rea­son we’re not too both­ered by the lack of a bat­tery in­di­ca­tor on the screen. The only real down side here is the fact the Mi Band 2 still uses a

pro­pri­etary ca­ble for recharg­ing, so you’ll need to be care­ful not to mis­place it.

In or­der to scroll through op­tions on the screen Xiaomi has also added a but­ton. This anodised but­ton lies flush with the dis­play, and is ac­ti­vated with a sim­ple touch rather than a press. It’s large in com­par­i­son to the tracker it­self, but we don’t think that de­tracts from the over­all de­sign. In fact, we think the Mi Band 2 looks much more like a pre­mium de­vice than the orig­i­nal ever did.

Okay, £33 is a lit­tle higher than the price of the Mi Band 1S which, at the time of our re­view, cost £22.04. But even at this price the Mi Band 2 of­fers fan­tas­tic value. More so when you con­sider that Xiaomi has within this bud­get man­aged to add an OLED screen, yet not lost any of the fea­tures that made the Mi Band 2’s pre­de­ces­sors so great.

The Mi Band 2 re­tains the op­ti­cal heart-rate mon­i­tor (though not the ir­ri­tat­ing green light that would con­stantly flash when­ever you took off the band) in­tro­duced with the Mi Band 1S, and as with both bands be­fore it the Band 2 can also track your sleep qual­ity and length. While we can’t vouch for the qual­ity of our sleep, its tim­ings do seem to be fairly in line with when we think we dropped off to sleep or woke up.

The Mi Band 2 re­mains a light­weight fit­ness band. The re­mov­able tracker it­self weighs just 7g, and comes with a 155- to 210mm ad­justable hy­poal­ler­genic band. As be­fore, the en­tire thing is wa­ter­proof (rated IP67), and lift­ing it to your face (as you would a watch) re­turns a sta­tus up­date. (This is still just as tricky a ges­ture to per­fect, how­ever.)

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