Turn your phone into a black light

Mar­tyn Casserly re­veals how to trans­form your smart­phone’s flash into a black light

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Black lights can be a lot of fun, caus­ing teeth, white clothes, and neon colours into glow-inthe-dark. They’ll give your party a sev­en­ties or nineties (de­pend­ing on your age) feel, and the

kids will be might­ily im­pressed. It’s in­cred­i­bly easy to make a black light with your phone and we’ll show you how.

What you’ll need

The re­quire­ments for this par­tic­u­lar pro­ject are very min­i­mal. You’ll ob­vi­ously need a smart­phone with a flash­light ca­pa­bil­ity (pretty much ev­ery one built in the last few years), some clear tape, plus blue and pur­ple mark­ers. You might also want some high­lighter pens to cre­ate art­work that the black light can bring to life. We found yellow, pink, and or­ange worked the best.

Cre­at­ing the Black Light

Take a small strip of clear sticky tape and place it over the flash­light LED on the back of your phone. Now gen­tly colour the area di­rectly above the LED blue. Place an­other piece of tape over the first one, be­ing care­ful not to smudge the ink. Re­peat the first step but this time us­ing the pur­ple marker. Now do the same thing again, al­ter­nat­ing be­tween the blue and pur­ple colours.

With those lay­ers com­plete your Black Light is ready to test. Try draw­ing a sim­ple pat­tern with your high­lighter pens or writ­ing a mes­sage on some plain white card. Then hold the phone above your work and turn on the flash­light.

‘What is this sor­cery?’ we hear you cry, but fear not. Your phone now has UV-A light emit­ting from its flash and not much else. This means flu­o­res­cent colours will leap out when­ever you shine your light upon them, and you could prob­a­bly take some very weird low-light pho­tographs.

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