Top An­droid Wear watches of the year

Choos­ing an An­droid Wear watch can be as dif­fi­cult as pick­ing out a phone. An­droid Ad­vi­sor is here to sort it all out

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There’s an in­ter­est­ing the­ory that smart­watches are to the smart­phone what wrist­watches were to the pocket watch. Pic­ture the way the av­er­age gen­tle­men used to have to rum­mage through his pocket for his watch prior to the 20th cen­tury. Now skip for­ward 100 years and the av­er­age smart­phone user still has to dive into his/her pocket to

check their phone. The kicker now is that your phone holds far more in­for­ma­tion than a pocket watch ever did, yet all of which is still locked into your pocket.

Smart­watches aren’t for mak­ing phone calls, al­though some can do this, but in­stead they pro­vide a quick and easy way to check what no­ti­fi­ca­tions are on your smart­phone, so you can de­cide whether it’s worth delv­ing into your pocket or search­ing around your bag to fetch your smart­phone or not.

There are two type of smart­watch: those with a colour­ful touch­screen like would find on your phone, and those which com­bine a reg­u­lar ana­logue watch with smart fea­tures.

We call them ‘semi-smart­watches’ but they’re also known as hy­brids. It hasn’t quite made the chart here but the Fos­sil Q Grant is a great ex­am­ple.

The lat­ter we class as a semi-smart de­vice and nor­mally gives you in­for­ma­tion via a small LCD screen, LEDs or even smaller hands on the watch face.

While a fully-fledged smart­watch can do a lot more, the juice guz­zling screen re­sults in a short bat­tery life. Semi-smart watches ben­e­fit from longer bat­tery life with some even hav­ing sep­a­rate cells for the watch and smart fea­tures.

If you’re an An­droid user, then an An­droid Wear smart­watch is the ob­vi­ous choice but it’s not nec­es­sar­ily the best for ev­ery­one. Google’s OS tweaked for wear­ables also plays nicely with iOS but with cut down func­tion­al­ity, so iPhone own­ers will get more from the Ap­ple Watch.

When test­ing for what is the best smart­watch, the im­por­tant fac­tors to con­sider are how much of your

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