Onda V10 Pro

Price: £144 inc VAT from fave.co/2kDVoQV

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To get the best tablet you’re re­ally look­ing at £600 or there­abouts. This sub-£150 tablet is no match for those de­vices, but it does have a lot to of­fer those with smaller bud­gets – par­tic­u­larly in terms of en­ter­tain­ment.

The Onda V10 Pro ticks sev­eral boxes if movie watch­ing is your thing. There’s a large 10.1in touch­screen with a 2K res­o­lu­tion of 2,560x1,600 pix­els that re­sults in a crys­tal clear pixel den­sity of 300ppi – ac­tu­ally higher than the new iPad’s 264ppi ‘Retina’

dis­play, but a 16:10 as­pect ra­tio that’s less well suited to movies than a 16:9 would have been.

There’s also a Mi­cro-HDMI port for hook­ing it up to a TV, and in­te­grated Cast sup­port. And plenty of stor­age, too, with 64GB as stan­dard and an ad­di­tional 128GB pos­si­ble via mi­croSD. The Pow­erVR graph­ics didn’t give the best per­for­mance in our gam­ing bench­marks, but for watch­ing films (or play­ing ca­sual games) they’re quite ca­pa­ble. Sounds good so far, so there’s got to be a catch, right?


The Onda V10 Pro is not avail­able from the likes of Ama­zon; in­stead you’ll need to import it from GearBest or a sim­i­lar Chi­nese re­tailer.

GearBest sup­plied our re­view sam­ple, and of­fers free ship­ping to the UK. Do note, though, that on ar­rival in the UK you’ll be li­able for import duty. This is charged at 20 per­cent of the value on the ship­ping pa­per­work plus an ad­min fee of around £11, which takes this tablet’s £144.58 price tag up to around £185. That’s still very good value nonethe­less.


There’s noth­ing par­tic­u­larly ex­cit­ing about the Onda’s build, but nei­ther is there any­thing that makes our eyes well up. The phys­i­cal home but­ton with in­te­grated fin­ger­print scan­ner seems to be in an odd lo­ca­tion, but at least it has one – in it­self rather im­pres­sive at this price. We’d ex­pect to use a tablet of this size in land­scape mode, es­pe­cially when watch­ing movies, but in this for­mat the but­ton is on the left side.

If we were to as­sume that the Onda should be held in por­trait mode, the mag­netic dock­ing key­board con­nec­tor would then ap­pear on the right edge. Not that this is a ma­jor prob­lem, since the key­board is sold sep­a­rately and we were not sup­plied one for re­view. It doesn’t seem to be avail­able from GearBest ei­ther.

There is a load of ports to be found around the edges, in­clud­ing both Mi­cro-USB and a 10W DC in­put for charg­ing (you can use ei­ther). There’s also a 3.5mm head­phone jack, a mono speaker, mic, Mi­cro-HDMI and a mi­croSD slot (up to 128GB is sup­ported). You’ll also find a 2Mp selfie cam­era for video chat, and an 8Mp cam­era at the rear.

The speaker is rea­son­ably loud but fires au­dio only from one side of the tablet, which isn’t ideal for mul­ti­me­dia use. It can also be rather tinny at full vol­ume. If you hook it up to a TV you’ll use the TV’s

own speak­ers for au­dio. You can also con­nect to a Blue­tooth speaker with sup­port for Blue­tooth 4.0, or plug in a pair of ear­phones. The vol­ume rocker and power but­ton are on the top edge in land­scape mode.

The Onda V10 Pro has a nice screen, a 10.1in IPS panel with OGS tech­nol­ogy which uses fewer lay­ers than stan­dard dis­play tech. It’s bright, colours are re­al­is­tic and view­ing an­gles are good, but there is a good inch-thick bezel run­ning all around the out­side of the screen and it does seem to at­tract fin­ger­prints.

The tablet doesn’t use 2.5D curved glass like that which is seen on many phones th­ese days, which means you can feel the plas­tic edge as you run your fin­ger across the screen. This also cre­ates a small crack that could con­ceiv­ably col­lect grime, and it

makes for a less nat­u­ral feel­ing tran­si­tion be­tween it and the cham­fered edges of the metal rear panel.

This isn’t a uni­body metal de­sign, which does give away the price tag some­what. An 8Mp cam­era is nes­tled in­side an inch-thick grey plas­tic strip, which gen­tly curves back and prevents the cam­era lying flush. It’s not a ter­ri­ble de­sign, but nei­ther will it pass for a pre­mium de­vice.

Mea­sur­ing 251x165x9mm and weigh­ing 576g, the Onda V10 Pro is rea­son­ably chunky.


This is a bud­get An­droid tablet with low-end hard­ware in­side, which doesn’t make for im­pres­sive re­sults in our bench­marks. How­ever, in real-world use it will be quite ca­pa­ble for mul­ti­me­dia use and ca­sual gam­ing, brows­ing the web, read­ing emails and en­joy­ing so­cial me­dia. The V10 Pro runs a 2GHz Me­di­aTek MTK8173 quad-core pro­ces­sor that com­bines two A72 and two A53 cores. This is paired with the 700MHz Pow­erVR GX6250 GPU, 4GB of mem­ory and 64GB of stor­age as stan­dard.

Per­for­mance in our bench­marks was no bet­ter than that of a bud­get- to mid-range phone, scoop­ing 2787 points in Geekbench 4 multi-core, 17fps in GFXBench T-Rex, and 50 points in JetStream. In fact in pro­cess­ing per­for­mance that’s about level with the Nokia 5, though the smart­phone fares bet­ter on graph­ics (likely due to its lower-res­o­lu­tion screen).

There’s a 6,600mAh lithium-poly­mer bat­tery in­side that should last around eight hours, at which point you can charge it via a DC in­put or Mi­cro-USB.


A draw­back of this tablet is that it runs An­droid 6.0 Marsh­mal­low with no up­date in sight. This has since been suc­ceeded by An­droid Nougat and Oreo, with An­droid P due later in the sum­mer.

It’s a very plain im­ple­men­ta­tion of Marsh­mal­low, and though Google ser­vices are sup­ported very few are pre-in­stalled. But some will ap­pre­ci­ate the small num­ber of pre-in­stalled apps, since it leaves more space for what they do want.

Some­thing we did find con­cern­ing was the fre­quent crash­ing of the launcher app, though it seemed to in­stantly reload it­self fol­low­ing the crash and you could eas­ily in­stall an­other launcher app. In the mar­ket­ing ma­te­rial for this tablet it refers to a Phoenix dual-OS, en­abling the tablet to be op­ti­mized for work and play. This was not present on our re­view sam­ple.


The Onda V10 Pro is not a fast per­former, but for a bud­get tablet that re­tails for un­der £150 it has some real draws for en­ter­tain­ment use, in­clud­ing a large, high-res­o­lu­tion screen. If your needs are not great, you could save your­self sev­eral hun­dred pounds on a top-end tablet and eas­ily get by with the V10 Pro. Marie Black


• 10.1in (2,560x1,600, 300ppi) Sharp OGS IPS dis­play

• An­droid 6.0 Marsh­mal­low

• 2GHz Me­di­aTek MTK8173 quad-core (2x A72 + 2x

A53) pro­ces­sor

• 700MHz Pow­erVR GX6250 GPU


• 64GB stor­age, mi­croSD sup­port up to 128GB

• Fin­ger­print scan­ner

• Dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi

• Blue­tooth 4.0


• Mi­cro-HDMI

• Mi­cro-USB

• 10W DC in­put

• 3.5mm head­phone jack

• 8Mp f/2.0 rear cam­era, 1080p video

• 2Mp selfie cam­era

• 6,600mAh lithium-poly­mer bat­tery

• 251x165x9mm

• 576g

• Sup­ports mag­netic dock­ing key­board (not in­cluded)

The V10 Pro’s ports are lo­cated along the side

The V10 Pro is a rea­son­ably chunky de­vice

The Onda runs An­droid 6.0 Marsh­mal­low

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