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AThe most ob­vi­ous float rig to use is a pel­let wag­gler, com­bined with an 11 or 12 ft rod. This is a very sim­ple method, where reg­u­lar cast­ing of the float and con­stant feeding of a few pel­lets around it with a cat­a­pult will quickly stir carp into feeding.

A self-cock­ing pel­let wag­gler is locked on the line and the nor­mal start­ing depth is around 3 ft. Use a small swivel to con­nect the hook length to the main line, which apart from pre­vent­ing line twist, also helps to sink your hook bait slowly through the wa­ter’s sur­face ten­sion.

It’s best to use a banded pel­let, which se­cures the bait well enough to sur­vive mul­ti­ple casts. Use 6 mm pel­lets as feed and on the hook and you won’t go far wrong. is avail­able from rep­utable tackle deal­ers.

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