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I am af­ter a sil­ver fish pole, no more than

8-9 me­tres. Can you rec­om­mend any? I’m look­ing to catch fish up to 2 lb.

QPaul Love­joy, via email.

Dave Coster says…

Slim and light­weight sil­ver fish poles are hard to find these days, be­cause the mar­ket is nearly all about carp mar­gin mod­els, it seems. I could only find one pos­si­bil­ity for you to look out for – the Daiwa Air­ity Sys­tem Whip, at 8 m. This re­tails for £375 and comes with a flick tip and two top three hol­low kits.

This type of whip can be used to-hand style with the flick tip, or bro­ken down if you fit light elas­tics in the hol­low top kits.

ACan you ex­plain the best stop knot to use with slider floats? I ask be­cause the knot I’ve been us­ing doesn’t move very eas­ily and tends to coil up the reel line when I do man­age to re­po­si­tion it.

QCharles Jack­son, via email.

Dave Coster says… The best slider stop knot I have found is a very sim­ple half-blood, but it’s im­por­tant to use slightly thicker mono than your main line to form this, and not to put too many turns in the knot. If you use too fine a line it’s hard to get it to grip prop­erly, so it re­quires more turns in the knot, which then makes it tricky to move the stop with­out kink­ing your main line. The ideal amount of turns in a stop knot is just three or four.

Al­ways leave long tag ends so that the knot can be both tight­ened and so that it won’t travel through the base eye of the slider float be­ing used. Gen­er­ally, I find 4-5 lb line best for form­ing stop knots, al­though you could also use E-S-P Marker Gum. I also like to have a tiny bead run­ning free on the main line be­tween the float and the stop, which acts as a buf­fer, pre­vent­ing any chance of the stop pass­ing through the base eye of the float.


Then wrap a loose end around the main line and through the gum loop four times.

Slide the knot to the re­quired dis­tance that you want to set the float at, and pull the tag ends tight.

Form a loop, hold­ing the main line be­tween thumb and fore­fin­ger.

Mois­ten the line and pull the tag ends so that the knot grips the line slightly.

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