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Neil Mor­row, via email.

AI like to have the line level with the front lip of the reel’s spool. This cre­ates less fric­tion on the cast, gain­ing bet­ter dis­tances whether float or feeder fish­ing. How­ever, I can un­der­stand some an­glers want­ing the line housed slightly lower than this, so that it doesn’t ac­ci­den­tally spill off the spool of its own ac­cord.But this does cre­ate a bit of fric­tion, as the line has to come up and over the lip of the spool, which makes cast­ing slightly less smooth and pos­si­bly loses a bit of dis­tance.

It’s re­ally a per­sonal and very

It’s best to fill spools to the lip with line to gain bet­ter cast­ing dis­tances. mar­ginal thing, but I would def­i­nitely say never have the line more than a quar­ter of an inch be­low the lip of the spool, as this re­ally would im­pede cast­ing with any fixed-spool reel.

What is the per­fect line lay you need to achieve when load­ing a fixed-spool reel with float or feeder fish­ing line? I ask be­cause other an­glers have dif­fer­ent opin­ions about this. Some say that the line should be just be­low the spool lip, while oth­ers...

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