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Ire­ally say this, but I’m glad that Septem­ber has ar­rived, as Au­gust weather can be very un­pre­dictable and the fish­ing at times frus­trat­ing.

This year con­di­tions changed daily, and I re­call tem­per­a­tures fluc­tu­at­ing 16 de­grees in 24 hours. And as for the wind, there hasn’t been much of it to stir the fish into feeding.

I spent most of my time per­fect­ing the art of zig rig­ging for carp, and can now say that al­though I still have lots to learn, I feel com­pe­tent at read­ing the con­di­tions, feeding cor­rectly, pick­ing the right swim, plac­ing a rig at the right depth and bag­ging a few fish for my ef­forts.

I re­cently caught two fish in a short afternoon ses­sion, both 20s, the best a proper ‘char­ac­ter’ of 26 lb 4 oz. Guess what I will be up to next Au­gust?

River Lea

Fish­ers Green, Waltham Abbey, Es­sex. Con­trolled by

The Fish­ers Green Con­sor­tium of An­gling Clubs. Lo­cal an­gling clubs can join, such as Palmers Green AS, mem­ber­ship £66.50 plus a £10 join­ing fee.

Tel: 07758 157882.

What’s be­ing caught? Some mon­ster chub and bar­bel have been caught this sea­son, in­clud­ing a 16 lb 4 oz ‘beard’ and a 7 lb 5 oz chub to in-form Dar­ren Poole.

Boilies have been work­ing well. Dar­ren’s fish came over CC Moore Hemp & Krill. Keep on the move and don’t ig­nore small taps, as these fish are wise. Best at dawn and dusk.

River Ouse

Newick to be­low Bar­combe Mill Bridge, East Sus­sex, BN8 5EA (An­chor Inn). Con­trolled by the Ouse An­gling Preser­va­tion As­so­ci­a­tion. Copthorne DAS mem­bers have ac­cess. Mem­ber­ship £85.

Tel: The Carp Shop, Hor­ley, on 01293 407687.

Chub, roach and perch in the faster wa­ter be­low Newick, along with carp and bream in the slower, deeper stretch down­stream of the An­chor Inn.

Tac­tics? Trot­ting a stick float and mag­gots is pro­duc­ing sil­ver fish, in­clud­ing chub to 3 lb, or feeder for the bream and carp.

River Thames

Where? Des­bor­ough Cut, Wal­ton-on-Thames, Sur­rey, DE­SCRIP­TION: this multi-lake com­plex of­fers 11 bril­liant lakes. There are small pools for three an­glers up to a 12-acre, fea­ture­filled pit for spec­i­men an­glers. Also a ded­i­cated sil­ver fish pool and match lakes for com­pet­i­tive an­glers. Dis­abled swims are avail­able on many lakes, and there is an on-site toi­let and shower block. Many visit for the spec­i­men fish, which in­clude cat­fish to 100 lb and carp to 49 lb. On the match lakes there are carp to 20 lb, tench and bar­bel to 8 lb, bream to 6 lb, perch to 3 lb 8 oz, roach and chub to 3 lb, ide and F1s to 2 lb, with rudd to 1 lb.

due to an abun­dance of fea­tures, in­clud­ing is­lands,

What’s be­ing caught? Plenty of sil­ver fish, in­clud­ing roach, dace, bleak and perch, along with oc­ca­sional big chub. Tac­tics? This cut gives the fish some respite when the river is in full flow, so when the rains come it can be a great area for sil­ver fish and preda­tors. Pole and mag­gots for bags of small fish, or feeder across to the far bank for the big­ger chub with a few bream and bar­bel.

River Wey Nav­i­ga­tion

Where? New Inn at Send to Paper­court, and Wal­sham

Gates to Thames Lock, Sur­rey. Con­trolled by Thames Val­ley

AA. Mem­bers of af­fil­i­ated clubs can fish, such as Byfleet AA, mem­ber­ship £57 plus a £25 join­ing fee. Day tick­ets £3 from lo­cal tackle shops, in­clud­ing Apollo An­gling, or £5 on the bank. Tel: 01932 341527.

What’s be­ing caught? Au­tumn and win­ter sil­ver fish sport can be very good. Also bar­bel, chub and carp present, with plenty of pike and perch.

Tac­tics? Pole with chopped worm and cast­ers. Small lures and drop shot­ting for the preda­tors. Boilies for the carp and bar­bel, but lo­ca­tion is the key to catch­ing. Where? Mytch­ett Lake Bridge to Mytch­ett Place Road Bridge, Frim­ley, Sur­rey. Day tick­ets £5, from lo­cal tackle shops, in­clud­ing Yate­ley mar­gins and sunken bars, spend­ing time with a marker float gives good re­sults. The spec­i­men lakes have depths of 4-6 ft, with deeper spots drop­ping to 8 ft, al­though Lake 8 does have some deep holes down to 15 ft. Boilies and pel­lets are good bait choices, but don’t ig­nore a clip of mag­gots. There are no sil­ver fish in the spec­i­men lakes, so mag­gots are very good. Meat and worms also work for the cats, but most an­glers tar­get the carp and gear-up for the cats as a bonus. Feed a mix of par­ti­cles and mag­gots by spod, and then clip a PVA bag of mag­gots to the rig be­fore cast­ing. On the match lakes float fish­ing with

SHOULDN’T ■ Dun­can’s 26 lb 4 oz fish from his afternoon of zig­ging. Tac­tics? Where? What’s be­ing caught?



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