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River Don

Where? Earth Cen­tre, Con­is­brough, Don­caster, South York­shire, DN12 4EH. Day tick­ets £4. Rother­ham & District UAF mem­ber­ship £25.

Tel: 01709 583452.

What’s be­ing caught? Skim­mers, roach, perch, chublets, bleak and gud­geon. Mixed bags to dou­bles and more if you can find the skim­mers and bream. The Rother­ham team have done lots of work on this stretch to al­low ac­cess, in­clud­ing a new road to let you drive onto the bank. A key is re­quired, cost­ing mem­bers £5, from Paul’s Tackle Shop.

Tac­tics? Ground­bait feeder with chopped worm and cast­ers for the skim­mers and bream. Big stick float, Bolo’, pole or whip with mag­gots, cast­ers and hemp for mixed bags. Hemp and tares can pro­duce qual­ity roach fish­ing.

River Swale

Where? Helperby vil­lage, Ripon, North York­shire, YO61. Day tick­ets £5. Helperby & Braf­fer­ton AC mem­ber­ship avail­able.

Tel: North­ern An­gling Sup­plies on 01765 698855.

Qual­ity chub and bar­bel as well as some good mixed bags of grayling, roach, dace, perch and chublets. Pegs be­low the foot­bridge for bar­bel and bet­ter chub, late 40s and early 50s for mixed bags. Tac­tics? Stick float in the faster flow with mag­gots or cast­ers and hemp for mixed bags. Pel­lets over loosefed ones or meat over hemp for the bar­bel and bet­ter chub. Rov­ing with bread and lob­worms worth try­ing as the cooler au­tumn weather ar­rives.

Tidal Trent

Where? South Clifton, ac­cess from Church Lane, North Clifton, Ne­wark, Not­ting­hamshire,

NG23 7AP (school on op­po­site track to river). Day tick­ets

£4. Scun­thorpe & District AA mem­ber­ship £20.

Tel: 07717 748523.

What’s be­ing caught? Bream and bar­bel elu­sive for the match­men, though de­cent catches re­ported in early and late ses­sions on the right tides. Plenty of roach, dace and perch feeding, with bags well into dou­bles re­ported.

Tac­tics? Ground­bait feeder with chopped worm and cast­ers feed, and mag­gots, worms or cast­ers on the hook for the bream. Pel­lets and boilies for the bar­bel. Wag­gler with mag­gots and hemp for mixed bags. three-quar­ters across for the best bags of bream and skim­mers. Pole with mag­gots or pinkies over ground­bait for mixed bags. Hemp and tares for the bet­ter roach.

Calder and Heb­ble Canal

Where? Hor­bury Bridge, A642, Hor­bury, Wake­field, West York­shire, WF4 5PY. Wake­field AC mem­ber­ship £33.

Tel: Tackle 2U Out­wood on 01132 760034.

What’s be­ing caught? A bag of 20 lb of bream to 5 lb re­ported from a re­cent match, along with near dou­ble-fig­ure bags of roach, perch and smaller skim­mers.

Tac­tics? Long pole with chopped worm and cast­ers, with worm on the hook, for the bream. Pinkies and mag­gots over ground­bait for the smaller fish. Bread punch also pro­duces good bags of roach.

Ground­bait feeder with chopped worm, cast­ers and pel­lets feed, and worms and mag­gots on the hook giv­ing the best bream bags.

Dam­flask Reser­voir

Where? Lox­ley, Sh­effield, South York­shire, S6 6SQ. Day tick­ets £4.90, from the ticket ma­chine. Tel: 01142 851919 or

07952 485798.

What’s be­ing caught? Good catches of bream, skim­mers and roach on this big wa­ter.

Tac­tics? Ground­bait feeder with chopped worm and cast­ers, us­ing mag­gots or worms on the hook, has given the best ac­tion.

Faulk­ers Lakes

Where? Faulk­ers Lane, Burgh le Marsh, Skeg­ness, Lin­colnshire, PE24 5HW. Day tick­ets £6.

Tel: 01754 811324.


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