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River Ar­row

Where? Stud­ley, near Red­ditch, Worces­ter­shire, B80 7AB (park­ing and ac­cess by the church) or Wix­ford, Strat­ford upon Avon, War­wick­shire, B49 6DA (park­ing and ac­cess).

Day tick­ets £5. Stud­ley AS mem­ber­ship now just £12 for the rest of the sea­son, from Alan’s Tackle, Worcester, WR2 4LG, and other tackle shops. Tel: 07879 624248.

What’s be­ing caught? At Stud­ley, chub around 2 lb, an an­gler hav­ing half a dozen re­cently. Look for the deeper holes on this small, rov­ing river. Lots of dace with a few perch to 1 lb. The roach have slowed of late. At Wix­ford, bar­bel to 8 lb com­ing out with a few chub. Tac­tics? Stick float and pole with cast­ers over a good bed of hemp ef­fec­tive on both venues. Straight lead with hal­ibut pel­lets find­ing the bar­bel at Wix­ford.

River Sev­ern

Where? Win­ter­dyne Sec­tion, Bewd­ley, Worces­ter­shire, DY12 2TQ (Black­stone River­side

Park car park). Day tick­ets £7, on the bank or from Bewd­ley Tackle & Leisure, DY12 2AE. Kid­der­min­ster & District AA mem­ber­ship £35.

Tel: 07376 100196 or 07766 398965 or Bewd­ley Tackle & Leisure on 01299 403386. What’s be­ing caught? Still very low and clear, but bar­bel, perch, chub, chublets, dace, bleak and roach be­ing caught. Dud­ley­based Ian Hin­g­ley (Sen­sas Strike) topped the KDAA Open match here with 28 lb 11 oz, eight bar­bel, four around 6 lb 8 oz, with over 15 lb needed to frame. Tac­tics? Pel­let feeder and leg­ered lun­cheon meat for the bar­bel and chub. Pole and worms find­ing the big and small bar­bel and perch. Hale­sowen rod Mark Traves (Sen­sas Strike) caught a 9 lb 6 oz bar­bel here on pole and worms. Fish a whip or wag­gler with mag­gots for lots of small

sil­ver fish. Best early morn­ing and at dusk. Long fluoro­car­bon hook lengths best when the wa­ter is clear.

River Thames

Where? Med­ley, Clifton Ham­p­den and Don­ning­ton, Ox­ford­shire, OX14 3EH (park­ing at Bar­ley Mow pub) or OX2 6ED (Wal­ton Well Road, Med­ley) or OX4 4BJ (be­hind Sea Scout hut, Meadow Lane, Don­ning­ton). Day tick­ets £5 in ad­vance from lo­cal tackle shops such as Top Tackle, OX1 4TQ; £8 on the bank. Ox­ford & District AA mem­ber­ship through lo­cal clubs.

Tel: 01865 201020.

What’s be­ing caught? Lots of roach from 4-6 oz, and plenty from 12 oz to 1 lb. The river is very weedy, so find holes to look for bream of 5-6 lb. Chub and perch quiet of late, but will come back later in the year. 30 lb of roach win­ning matches.

Tac­tics? Stick float and wag­gler, start­ing with hemp then on to tares and cast­ers for

the roach. Ground­bait feeder with cast­ers and mag­gots for the bream.

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