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Cal­don Canal

Where? Froghall, Stafford­shire, ST10 2HQ (park­ing and ac­cess). Day tick­ets (canals only) £4, from Jayne’s Tackle, TF1 1DT, or AA Tackle, ST16 3GB or Ian’s Tackle, ST19 5NZ. Pot­ter­ies AS mem­ber­ship £35.

Tel: Peter Dale on 01782 312133 or 07799 953197.

What’s be­ing caught? Stuffed with dace from 8-10 oz, and roach from 8 oz to 2 lb, the bet­ter roach later in the day. Perch to over 2 lb, chublets, chub to 2 lb, a few tench, and carp to 10 lb about.

Tac­tics? Stick float, wag­gler or pole with bread punch, cast­ers and mag­gots for a fish a chuck. Worms for the perch and a few tench.

Staffs-Worcester Canal

Where? Wag­gon & Horses pub sec­tion, Bot­ter­ham Locks to Bum­ble Hole Lock, Wom­bourne, Stafford­shire, WV5 0AB (park­ing and ac­cess). Day tick­ets £2.50, from the bailiff on the bank or lo­cal tackle shops, near­est Gor­don Bed­dow Fish­ing Tackle & Pet Sup­plies, WV5 8DX. Wolver­hamp­ton AA mem­ber­ship £15. Un­der-16s free.

Tel: 01922 413491.

What’s be­ing caught? Bream around 2 lb, lots of skim­mers, plenty of chub to 3 lb, stacks of chublets, big perch nudg­ing

3 lb and cru­cians just over

1 lb. Also pike to 10 lb. Dud­ley’s Steve Broome (Dy­na­mite Maver Mid­lands) topped a day of the fes­ti­val with 29 lb 2 oz of caster and worm-tempted chub, perch and skim­mers, on peg 28. Tac­tics? Pole with cast­ers and red mag­gots for the roach and bream. The perch can’t get enough lob­worms and chopped den­drobae­nas. Chopped worm, red mag­gots and cast­ers over hemp for the cru­cians, chub and chublets. Pinkies over ground­bait for a good skim­mers catch. Shop-bought, frozen dead­baits for the pike. re­ally well. Carp to 19 lb, bream to 5 lb, plenty of skim­mers, bar­bel to 8 lb, chub and tench to 4 lb, roach and ide. The tench go to 6 lb on House Pool.

Tac­tics? Pole or rod and line both work. Mag­gots, pel­lets, worms, cast­ers and corn ef­fec­tive for all species. Float­ing baits al­lowed on Horse­shoe Pool only.

Chor­ley Springs Fish­ery

Where? Chor­ley, Lich­field, Stafford­shire, WS15 4LR. Day tick­ets for gen­eral coarse lakes £6; Spec­i­men Pool and Runs Wa­ter £7. Night fish­ing by prior ar­range­ment.

Tel: 07564 999582.

What’s be­ing caught? Good sur­prises com­ing out. A 3 lb perch was caught on the Top Pool, with carp from 1 lb to the mid-teens, bream to 3 lb, skim­mers, chub to 4 lb, tench to 6 lb and qual­ity roach to

2 lb. A good all-round wa­ter for mixed catches. Ex­cel­lent sport on Mid­dle Pool with carp to

12 lb, big perch push­ing 3 lb, roach, F1s and tench of 1 lb and a few gold­fish. The Bot­tom Pool is 14 ft deep, and has carp to 24 lb, tench to 8 lb, lots of bream to 3 lb, good roach to 2 lb and a few bar­bel to 4 lb. A 25 lb

8 oz com­mon came out of the Spec­i­men Pool, with plenty from 3 lb to 21 lb. On the Runs Wa­ter, carp to 12 lb, F1s to 1 lb, bream to 2 lb, roach to 1 lb, rudd and lots of lit­tle tench show­ing well. Tac­tics? Pole or rod and line. Bread on the sur­face has been pro­duc­ing well on the Top Pool for carp and chub, or float­ing bread on the shel­tered Bot­tom Pool. Non-stop ac­tion with mag­gots for the sil­ver fish. Corn, pel­lets and paste work­ing well, or lun­cheon meat (on the hook only). Ground­bait in feed­ers and pole cups only. Worms at­tract the big­ger fish, es­pe­cially the tench. Boilies and white pop-ups do­ing well for the big­ger carp of late.

Naseby Reser­voir

of 20s have come out. Huge shoals of qual­ity roach, 40 lb hauls not un­com­mon. Eng­land an­gling coach Mark Hutchin­son had 40 carp in a 24-hour ses­sion. Tac­tics? Carp gear with 18 mm krill boilies and Main­line Cell do­ing the dam­age for the carp. Fish a pole or wag­gler with corn for a big roach catch. No float­ing baits al­lowed.

Press Manor Fish­ing Lakes

Where? Trout and Carp Lakes, Ashover, near Chesterfield. Der­byshire, S45 0LQ. Coarse Lake, Old Tup­ton, S42 6AZ. Day tick­ets: Carp Lake £8 two rods; £9.50 three rods; Coarse Lake £5.50 one rod; £7.50 two rods, on the bank. Night fish­ing by prior ar­range­ment.

Tel: 07976 306073.

What’s be­ing caught? Un­be­liev­able sport all over the Coarse Lake, carp an­glers bank­ing fish in the mid-teens. Plea­sure an­glers catch­ing lots of roach to 1 lb, skim­mers, small carp and F1s of 8 oz with a few big­ger ones. Night an­glers on the Carp Lake get­ting all-night ac­tion with carp of 12-17 lb and a cou­ple of 20s. Most carp 9 lb to 22 lb 8 oz with lots of 15-18 lb com­ing out.

Tac­tics? Float fished corn and pel­lets most pro­duc­tive for all species on the Coarse Lake in less windy con­di­tions. Feeder when it’s windy for re­ally good catches. Boilies at­tract­ing the larger carp. On the Carp Lake, boilies and fruit flavoured pop-ups do­ing the job. On the Carp Lake, you have to work for the fish. Float­ing baits al­lowed, but no zig rigs.

Spring Heath Fish­ery

Where? Lower Heath­waen, Knockin, near Oswestry, Shrop­shire, SY10 8DA. Day tick­ets: Ec­cle­stone Lake £7 one rod; £9 two rods; Blur­ton Carp Lake £9 two rods. Log cab­ins, car­a­van­ning and camp­ing.

Tel: 01691 682746 or

07795 251328.

What’s be­ing caught? Very dis­abled and fam­ily friendly. Ec­cle­ston Pool has given carp to 19 lb, cru­cians and spec­i­men perch, both nudg­ing 4 lb, tench to 7 lb and bream to 5 lb 8 oz.

Big perch to 3 lb 8 oz, bream to 4 lb 8 oz, roach and rudd both over 1 lb, golden orfe to 4 lb and cru­cians to 3 lb 8 oz com­ing out of Blur­ton Pool. Net­tings in Oc­to­ber will move stock around. Tench, bream and cru­cians go­ing from Ec­cle­ston to Blur­ton, and mid-dou­bles carp on or­der for Ec­cle­ston in Novem­ber.

Tac­tics? Pole or rod and line work well on both pools. Float­ing bread at­tract­ing the big carp.

The cru­cians and perch are af­ter worms. Tench and bream com­ing to pel­lets. Corn and mag­gots pro­duc­tive, too, or 10 mm Robin Red boilies. All baits and meth­ods work, with reg­u­lar bait­ing to bring in the larger fish. Blur­ton is an ex­cel­lent wa­ter to prac­tise fish­ing for sil­ver fish.

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