Z-Man Trick ShotZ

Price: £5.49.

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YOU would fancy the 3.5 in. Trick ShotZ lures to in­duce a strike from a preda­tor. They’re Z-Man’s first specif­i­cally de­signed drop shot baits.

They come com­plete with a sup­ple, ribbed body cou­pled with a spade-shaped tail, all help­ing to im­part more of a life­like wig­gle with the min­i­mum of rod move­ment. They are also im­preg­nated with salt, for taste and tex­ture.

Soft, pli­able, and buoy­ant, they are made from 10X Tough ElaZtech, which of­fers great tear re­sis­tance when hooked in the nose. They also as­sume a more nat­u­ral, tail-up po­si­tion, rather than sink­ing right to the deck on a slack line.

As well as on a drop shot rig, I hear they’re a very use­ful lure to fish Ned Rigstyle, too. There’s a range of colours, and you get six baits in a pack, from www.lurelounge.co.uk

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