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There are a few fish from the past that could have fit­ted into this list. Tommy Mor­gan’s re­ported 47 lb 11 oz mon­ster from Loch Lomond in 1945, which many be­lieved in, but equal num­bers doubted its ex­is­tence.

A gen­uine 40-pounder has re­cently been re­ported from Lomond, so I’ve changed my views slightly.

July 1945 and the war was over. Net­ting of salmon in the sea and in es­tu­ar­ies was prob­a­bly re­duced to a very low level (mine­fields tend to put fish­er­men off!), so there would have been six years of im­proved salmon runs into Loch Lomond.

Who knows what might have hap­pened to pike growth dur­ing that time. Pike re­spond to change just like any wild an­i­mal.

I should men­tion the 50 lb 12 oz pike found dead by Mick Toomer at The War­ren Fish­ery, Es­sex, in 1995. That could have been the record if it had been caught on rod and line.

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