Get­ting the best out of bait

Are you get­ting the best out of pop­u­lar, com­mer­cial fish­ery baits? Here’s a look at how I present and use them, just to make sure!

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Af­ter a lot of trial and er­ror, I’ve con­cluded that its im­por­tant to keep an open mind con­cern­ing how pel­lets are pre­sented as hook baits on com­mer­cials.

Ini­tially, I like to work through the main ways of at­tach­ing them to the hook, ex­per­i­ment­ing with hair-rigged, banded and di­rectly hooked pel­lets, to find out what works most ef­fec­tively.

Re­cently, on a hard-fished venue, I tried hair-rig­ging to be­gin with, but the fish were not re­spond­ing well to this for­mat. Bites were iffy, and I bumped the hook out of sev­eral good fish.

I then tried banded pel­lets with­out a hair, sim­ply nick­ing the hook through the band so that the pel­let ended up tight to the bend of the hook. I quickly landed a cou­ple of de­cent carp, but I was also still miss­ing ten­ta­tive bites in-be­tween.

My fi­nal op­tion was to try di­rectly hooked jelly pel­lets, and boy did this make a dif­fer­ence! I soon dis­cov­ered that apart from carp, the swim was heav­ing with bream and skim­mers, so I bagged up on both species! I’ve never been a fan of feed­ing big, square cubes of lun­cheon meat, which to my mind look a bit too ar­ti­fi­cial.

One of my favourite tricks is to mulch meat in a pole cup with a penknife, which re­sults in a com­plete mish­mash of dif­fer­ent sizes of un­even look­ing pieces.

Dump­ing this lot in and fish­ing just one cube of meat over the top has pro­vided me with many good mixed catches, as well as carp-ori­en­tated hauls.

Now that we have meat­cut­ters, you can get much the same ef­fect with smaller and eas­ier to pro­duce morsels of meat.

The ad­van­tage here is that the meat ends up a lot more uni­form than when hand cut­ting or push­ing it through a bait rid­dle, so you can dust the diced meat with dry ground­bait and cat­a­pult it out.

I also oc­ca­sion­ally like to use punched meat on the hook, ei­ther over hard pel­lets or hempseed feed.

Hav­ing a soft hook bait over a bed of hard free­bies of­ten works won­ders.

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