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THE spec­i­men land­ing net that lights up au­to­mat­i­cally when you go to net that per­sonal best is here!

The Ex­treme TX Land­ing Light Head Set is de­signed to fit most spec­i­men nets on the mar­ket, so you can con­vert your own or you can buy it al­ready in situ on one of JRC’s Ex­treme TX 46 in. land­ing nets.

It works on a mo­tion sen­sor in the ‘spreader block’, where there’s a clus­ter of ul­tra-bright, longlife LEDS.

And you have the op­tion of white or red light – if you’re wor­ried that the white light might be a bit ‘too much’. It’s thought that species such as carp might not be able to see red light.

So you turn it on, and when the sen­sor de­tects mo­tion, when you pick your land­ing net up, the light comes on, thanks to the au­to­matic on/off sys­tem.

If you cou­ple it with a flu­o­res­cent ten­sion cord on your net, like you'll find on JRC’s 46 in. Ex­treme TX de­sign, it’s even eas­ier to see that spec­i­men slide over the draw­cord and drop in, on even the dark­est of nights!

The 60-Lu­men Light Head Set is wa­ter­proof and will re­tail for £29.99. The 46 in. JRC Ex­treme TX Land­ing Net and Head Set, with two-piece 6 ft car­bon pole is £129.99.

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