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ANOTHER big re­lease for JRC – X-Lite Rod-Bloxx are ad­justable rod grips that are ca­pa­ble of ON camp­sites, the new breed of in­flat­able tents are of­ten the last to be left stand­ing nowa­days in par­tic­u­larly bad weather. They might dis­tort when the worst of the weather hits, but then they re­turn to their nor­mal shape when it’s blown through.

The Chub Air­brid is the first in­flat­able bivvy I have looked at that comes com­plete with an in­flat­able porch rib. It has two main beams and the porch, and the beauty of th­ese is how easy they are to in­flate and erect. BERKLEY’S Whiplash braid has been the go-to braid for carpers for spod and marker work for many sea­sons… and it’s just got bet­ter.

Whiplash 8 is a new eight-car­rier braid, and thanks to that eight­car­rier con­struc­tion, it’s smoother and rounder, so it casts bet­ter, and is sup­ple and more hold­ing your rods ‘solid’ for snag fish­ing, yet al­low you to lift the rod out eas­ily to strike or wind in. They’re be­ing billed as prob­a­bly the most pow­er­ful rod rest ever de­signed!

Ad­justable hing­ing ‘jaws’ con­trol the grip level via an allen key, which comes supplied with the Rod-Bloxx.

The medium Rod-Bloxx will suit those slim­mer, Ja­panese shrink wrap and car­bon han­dles, whilst the large size is bet­ter for cork and Du­plon. They

Avail­able as a one- or two-man, the larger one is likely to sell best, as they’re so user-friendly and easy to pump up, with­out all that stretch­ing and reach­ing re­quired to erect a nor­mal two-man sys­tem.

A se­ri­ous shel­ter, it comes with a 10,000 mm Hy­dro­static Head wa­ter­proof rat­ing, Chub’s unique rear vent Back Daft Ven­ti­la­tion Sys­tem, a two-way door sys­tem with green, clear and mozzi win­dow pan­els,

THERE’s an ex­ten­sive range of new Shake­speare Omni Rods that are set to fly out of the shops.

Set to re­tail for around £30, they look as if they’re punch­ing well above their en­try-level price point.

You won’t miss them in the shops, ei­ther – they all come with a strik­ing white-and-red ‘band­ing’ just above the han­dle.

The Omni range in­cludes 10 and 11 ft pel­let wag­gler rods, 10, abra­sion re­sis­tant, too. And it's a de­cent green colour.

Strains run from 24 lb to 260 lb. Whether you’re thump­ing out with 24 lb braid cou­pled with a shock leader, or your spooled with the 42 lb or 45 lb straight through with a Spomb or marker kit, I don’t think you’ll be dis­ap­pointed.

It re­tails at £39.99 for

300 m, with 2,000 m spools also avail­able. come with a slot for an iso­tope, too.

JRC even of­fer sets of multi colour in­lays for cus­tomiz­ing your Rod-Bloxx, so that you can match the colour of the in­lay to your alarm LED and bob­bin head.

A set of three X-Lite RodBloxx is priced at be­tween £13.99-£16.99, depend­ing on the size. Sets of the change­able in­lays, in three sizes and seven colours, are priced £5.99-£6.99.

Chub’s rigid in­flat­able bivvy

rod straps, HD ground­sheet, ex­tra ten­sion bar, air pump and re­pair kit. A full set of clear win­dow pan­els is in­cluded, and the air poles are re­place­able. RRPs are £649.99 (one-man) and £799.99.

Shake­speare Omni rods

11, and 12 ft wag­gler de­signs, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 ft Omni feeder rods, each with two quiv­er­tips, and 10 ft and 11 ft spe­cial­ist rods, for heav­ier work.

Whether you’re get­ting off the mark with your fish­ing, try­ing a new method such as pel­let wag­gler, or think­ing of in­tro­duc­ing a fam­ily mem­ber to the sport with­out want­ing to break the bank, the Shake­speare Omni range is cer­tainly worth a look.

Built on car­bon blanks, they come with DPS reel seats, Alu­minium Ox­ide guides through­out and cork/EVA han­dles.

Berkley Whiplash just got bet­ter

■ The Greys Warm Weather Wad­ing Jacket will suit dif­fer­ent dici­plines.

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