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I CAN’T be­lieve this one.

I’m al­ways rat­tling on about procur­ing a good set of po­larised glasses and I thought mine were pretty spot-on. How­ever, I’ve just got back from work­ing on the Der­byshire Wye and I’ve been blown away. Com­pletely.

I was with one of the river guides, a great bloke called Don, who seemed to be see­ing fish that I couldn’t fo­cus in on at all. I ac­tu­ally thought he was mak­ing the whole thing up… till we swapped glasses.

Bloomin’ heck! When I put his on, I was see­ing fish every­where and get­ting a re­ally good look at the bot­tom in even 6 ft of wa­ter. I put my own back on and it was like turn­ing a light off.

For the record, Don’s glasses were brown-tinted Costas… I’m go­ing to find the ex­act model, pur­chase a pair pronto and I will re­port back on that one. But it re­ally is a case of get­ting what you pay for.

With the grayling sea­son fast ap­proach­ing, I reckon that th­ese glasses will give me a colos­sal head start on rivers such as the Frome.

Ratty, at last!

WHILST up in Der­byshire, I ac­tu­ally had a per­fect, un­clut­tered, un­mis­take­able sight­ing of a wa­ter vole! It might not seem much, but it’s the first crack­ing view­ing that I’ve had for years. I’ve sensed wa­ter voles about me in that time, but this was the first ac­tual, swim­ming vole I’ve seen for… I don’t know how long.

Good on the fish­er­men of Der­byshire for so look­ing af­ter the Wye up there.

There are end­less peo­ple on it, work­ing, watch­ing and gen­er­ally pro­tect­ing it and, as Ratty proves, their work is reap­ing div­i­dends.

You get out of this life ex­actly what you put into it.

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