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I started us­ing black nickel hooks five years ago, when fish­ing a clear reser­voir for roach with baits such as hemp, tares and cast­ers. The wa­ter was quite deep, and af­ter feed­ing a swim for a while, the fish would move up in the wa­ter, the only trou­ble be­ing that bites on hemp and tares were light­ning fast, mak­ing them hard to con­nect with.

I was us­ing fine wire bronze hooks at the time, and some­thing made me change to a black pat­tern. The re­sult was quite amaz­ing. Even with sus­pended baits in gin-clear wa­ter, the roach were sud­denly giv­ing far more pos­i­tive bites on both hemp and tares. Pos­si­bly this was be­cause the black hooks were slightly duller than the shiny bronze ones I’d been us­ing, or maybe it was the colour be­ing closer to the bait. This got me us­ing black hooks on the same wa­ter for the skim­mers, when feeder fish­ing or us­ing a long pole with baits such as cast­ers, mag­gots, worms and pel­lets, fished hard on the bot­tom. Again, my re­sults im­proved dra­mat­i­cally. So, don’t ig­nore black!




A stun­ning, four-piece, 9 ft rod that is easily stored in the boot of a car. It is per­fect for tar­get­ing a va­ri­ety of coarse and sea species, from spec­i­men carp to mack­erel. It has a cast­ing weight of 20 to 50 gr, and comes com­plete with a cloth bag.

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