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Green, fine wire Ga­makatsu hooks have been around for ages, and are prob­a­bly the best ex­am­ple of a strange hook colour that works well.

Green Ga­mas, as match an­glers call them, are a cult blood­worm hook, which seems strange con­sid­er­ing blood­worms are red! So, is it the su­per-fine wire that makes a dif­fer­ence here? I think that’s only part of it. The weedy green colour prob­a­bly looks less ob­tru­sive when fish­ing with such small baits. I reckon it just blends in well with the un­der­wa­ter en­vi­ron­ment.

Other weird coloured hooks I have ex­per­i­mented with in­clude a white pat­tern that looked per­fect for bread. The only trou­ble was that the white coat­ing was so thick, the hooks felt on the blunt side! I can also re­mem­ber us­ing blue hooks, which worked quite well with hemp, and of course gilt hooks, to go with bronze mag­gots and sweet­corn.

There’s one other hook colour that I like a lot, and that’s the new breed of Te­flon-coated de­signs, which are a dull grey. They blend in well with any bait or swim – they’re worth check­ing out.

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