Sea­son’s big­gest pike

● 42 lb 12 oz Chew gi­ant ● 39 from Blag­don

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HE big­gest pike of the sea­son has come out at 42 lb 12 oz, with Bris­tol

Wa­ter Fish­eries con­tin­u­ing to dom­i­nate UK preda­tor fish­ing.

As ex­clu­sively re­ported in the pre­vi­ous two Mail is­sues, British record pike of 48 lb 10 oz and 47 lb were caught by staff dur­ing ‘se­cret tri­als’ at Blag­don Lake over the past few years.

Now neigh­bour­ing Chew Val­ley Lake has done the first 40 of the sea­son, at 42 lb 12 oz, af­ter dozens of 30-pounders

Thad been caught. The cap­tor is be­lieved to be Matt Bridge­wood, but he doesn’t want any public­ity.

Chew also pro­duced a 39 lb 4 oz mon­ster ‘croc’ on a dead­bait pre­sented by Ch­ester, Cheshire, pike ace Kevin Shore.

And last week fly-only Blag­don Lake pro­duced its big­gest pike in the of­fi­cial pike tri­als, with a 39 lb spec­i­men tempted by Brom­ley, South East London-based Paul Sharman.

Paul said: “This amaz­ing fish can only be de­scribed as the ‘pin­na­cle of my fly fish­ing ca­reer’. It prob­a­bly won't be bet­tered, but I won't stop try­ing.

“She put up an amaz­ing fight, but be­haved well in the boat, and went back strongly.

“The fish was caught on a 12 weight rod, HD7 fast-sink­ing line, a 40 lb wire trace, and a Gold­fish pat­tern fly, fished in

12 ft of wa­ter,” he added.

It was quite a few days for Paul, as he also had a 36 lb 4 oz fish from Chew, on a her­ring.

Top fly guide John Horsey said: “There is no doubt in my mind that al­low­ing dead­bait­ing on Blag­don would quickly kill the fish­ing.

“At 440 acres, it is a much smaller wa­ter than Chew, with no roach and lim­ited num­bers of bait fish, and there is a far smaller head of pike, although those that are there go big.

“It has been no­tice­able that even with fly-only fish­ing, the fish have be­come more wary, with far fewer 20s com­ing out in the sec­ond week,” he added.

Pike ace and guide Mar­tyn Cat­ter­mole, who runs Angling Ad­ven­tures Ltd, com­mented: “On Chew this Oc­to­ber, there have been around 30 fish re­ported over 30 lb, with ten of them over 35 lb, and four times as many 20s – fan­tas­tic fish­ing by any­body’s stan­dards.”

■ This 39 lb pike is the big­gest so far in the pike fish­ing ses­sions at Blag­don. It was a fine re­ward for Paul Sharman. ■ The 48 lb 10 oz and 47 lb Blag­don pike that An­gler’s Mail ex­clu­sively re­vealed.

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