Here’s how I set up for feeder fish­ing

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FEEDER fish­ing is a very pro­duc­tive method of catch­ing fish! Over the years, rods have got thin­ner and the tackle used has be­come more re­fined, and it is not now a ‘chuck it and chance it’ method as it once was.

A day’s feeder fish­ing should be a busy day, be­cause if it is not ‘hap­pen­ing’, you should be cast­ing more fre­quently, al­ter­ing your hook lengths, chang­ing hook size, vary­ing baits, and even chang­ing the size of your feeder, un­til fi­nally you get a re­sponse from the fish.

You should al­ways work harder on tough days, but when you are ‘bag­ging’, it just looks af­ter it­self! One of the most im­por­tant parts of feeder fish­ing starts with a sturdy plat­form to fish from. When you set up your box, the rear legs should be slightly higher, so that your feet are flat on the foot­plate, to pre­vent get­ting back­ache.

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