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Carp are still feed­ing strongly across the lodges. Also su­perb sil­ver fish ac­tion. Catches to 60 lb dom­i­nat­ing on the Canals. Tac­tics? Try pole with mag­gots and cast­ers over loose­feed to draw in the qual­ity roach. Soft, 4 mm and 6 mm pel­lets will also do the busi­ness.

Church Gar­dens Fish­ery

Where? Lea Gate, Har­wood, Manch­ester, BL2 3ET. Day tick­ets £8. Tel: 0161 339 8584. What’s be­ing caught? Carp to 8 lb, as well as end­less roach and skim­mers. The place comes alive at dusk.

Tac­tics? Pole with corn and big bread punch can tempt the carp. Try mag­gots on a pole at mid-depth at first, or a slider float on rod and line, for the roach and skim­mers.

Hall Lane Fish­ery

Where? Hall Lane, Wi­gan, Lan­cashire, WN8 7BD. Day tick­ets from £7.

Tel: 07766 141388.

What’s be­ing caught? Carp, with up to 70 lb match weights recorded. Af­ter­noon to dusk ses­sions are best.

Tac­tics? Feed sev­eral spots within your swim, and try corn, soft pel­lets and red mag­gots.

Hod­dles­den Reser­voir

Where? John­son New

Road, Hod­dles­den, Dar­wen, Lan­cashire, BB3 3NN. Day tick­ets £5. Tel: 01254 777278. What’s be­ing caught? Mild con­di­tions can trig­ger bream to 3 lb to feed, as well as plenty of pleas­ing roach and perch. Catches to 20 lb on a good day. Tac­tics? Use an open-end feeder with worms and ground­bait to at­tract the bream.

Lathom Fish­eries

tick­ets £7. Tel: 0151 677 7911.

F1s and carp to 10 lb. Catches of over 50 lb pos­si­ble with a lit­tle per­sis­tence. Try by the mar­gins and the is­lands.

Tac­tics? Pole or a light feeder with pel­lets.

Mere Lane Fish­ery

Where? Mere Farm, Mere Brow, Tar­leton, Lan­cashire, PR4 6JU. Day tick­ets £6-£7.

Tel: 01704 821269.

What’s be­ing caught? The Coarse Pool is de­liv­er­ing qual­ity roach, bream, perch, rudd and a few golden orfe. Catches to over 20 lb, es­pe­cially on mild days. Tac­tics? Give pole or feeder a go, with mag­gots at first, then keep adding pel­lets or corn for bet­ter sam­ples later on.

Old Hough Coarse Fish­ery

Where? Mill Lane, Warm­ing­ham, Cheshire,

CW10 0HQ. Day tick­ets £6-£7. Tel: 07976 381996.

What’s be­ing caught? Jamie Hughes bagged an in­cred­i­ble 176 lb to win a re­cent match here on Up­per Benbo. Carp to 6 lb still dom­i­nat­ing.

Tac­tics? Pole and pel­lets with corn or mag­gots as a back-up. Us­ing a light feeder is handy if it’s blow­ing strongly.

Whit­more Fish­eries

Where? Brad­shaw Lane, Green­halgh, Pre­ston, Lan­cashire, PR4 3HQ. Day tick­ets £8. Tel: 01253 836224. What’s be­ing caught? Bar­bel to 7 lb from East Lake, to­gether with chub to 4 lb and ide to 3 lb. Qual­ity carp re­spond­ing very well on all of the waters, with never-end­ing skim­mers and ide. Tac­tics? Take plenty of bait to loose­feed, and there’s no great need to fish far out. Use bunches of mag­gots or cast­ers on the hook, or pel­lets.

What’s be­ing caught? What’s be­ing caught?

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