The late show

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LAST WEEK I tried to shoot a video, but we got caught out some­what, sim­ply be­cause the fish all came very, very late in the ses­sion, al­most at the point where it was too dark to film, to be hon­est!

A few pow­er­ful lights may have made it pos­si­ble, but we had to ad­mit de­feat in the end and plan an­other day.

Those events prove that fish, in nat­u­ral waters in par­tic­u­lar, will feed when they want to, and at this time of year that is of­ten at dusk.

What’s be­ing caught? It takes a while to bring the fish around, but you can end up with a catch of roach to 10 oz, bream to 1 lb 8 oz, hy­brids to 1 lb, with perch and chub. Weights to over 10 lb. Tac­tics? Try a Bolo’ or big stick float ap­proach, or pole in some slacker swims. Cast­ers are the key to sort­ing out the qual­ity fish, pre­sented over hemp.

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