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River Dee

Where? Holt, near Ch­ester, Cheshire. Dee AA mem­ber­ship £25. Tel: 01244 345069. What’s be­ing caught? If lev­els are fish­able, ex­pect catches of roach to 10 oz, dace to 5 oz and perch to 10 oz, along with a few chub to 2 lb in nets to 15 lb. Tac­tics? It’s typ­i­cally deep here, to around 12 ft, so a Bolo’ and long rod or pole ap­proach of­ten works best, and go with a bulked shot­ting pat­tern. Feed hemp and cast­ers ev­ery cast, and use mag­gots on a size 18 hook to 0.12 mm hook links. Pike are ever-present and can be tempted on dead­baits.

River Rib­ble

Where? Wal­ton-le-Dale, Pre­ston, Lan­cashire, PR2 5AX. Free fish­ing on the tidal wa­ter. Tel: 01772 253476.

What’s be­ing caught? Try to fish the river when it’s fall­ing or at static lev­els to stand the best chance of catch­ing roach to 1 lb, dace to 6 oz, perch to 2 lb, eels, chub to 3 lb, and a few qual­ity bream and bar­bel.

Tac­tics? A 3AAA wag­gler on a 13 ft rod or a six No.4 stick float usu­ally work well, with mag­gots and cast­ers as feed or hook baits on a size 18 hook. Try bread flake for the big roach on an Avon float. Use a mag­got feeder if it’s coloured and fast.

River Weaver

Where? Red Lion, Wins­ford, Cheshire, CW7 3AA. Day tick­ets £5, in ad­vance from lo­cal tackle shops. Tel: 01606 833853. Where? Ly­di­ate, Mersey­side, L31 4EN. Day tick­ets £5. Liver­pool DAA mem­ber­ship £22 Tel: 0151 526 2848.

What’s be­ing caught? Catches to around 8 lb of roach.

Tac­tics? Tar­get ob­vi­ous fea­tures such as moored boats. Use pole and cast­ers to pick out the bet­ter stamp roach, which can be up to 1 lb.

Shrop­shire Union Canal

Where? St Anne’s Road, Mid­dlewich, Cheshire, CW10 9BZ. Canal & River Trust Wa­ter­way Wan­der­ers tick­ets £20. Tel: 01606 833853.

What’s be­ing caught? Plenty of roach to 1 lb, along with perch to 1 lb and a few skim­mers to

1 lb 8 oz. Ex­pect up to 10 lb. Tac­tics? Pole with cast­ers or mag­gots will bring a quick re­sponse, with steady, light loose­feed­ing re­quired.

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