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River Nidd

Where? Cowthorpe, Wetherby, West York­shire, LS22 5EZ. Mem­bers only. Brad­ford No.1 AA mem­ber­ship £48.

Tel: 01274 571175.

What’s be­ing caught? Some qual­ity bar­bel to 9 lb re­ported, as well as chub top­ping 5 lb. As with all York­shire rivers, fluc­tu­at­ing lev­els se­ri­ously af­fect sport, so it is best to check lev­els be­fore you travel.

Tac­tics? Bomb or feeder with big­ger baits such as meat, pel­lets, bread and lob­worms to tar­get the big­ger chub and bar­bel. Stick float or wag­gler with mag­gots and cast­ers for mixed bags.

River Swale

Where? Cun­dall Lodge Farm, Cun­dall, North York­shire, YO61 2RN. Day tick­ets £5, in the hon­esty box. Tel: 01423 360203 or The Tackle Box on

01642 532034.

What’s be­ing caught? Qual­ity chub and bar­bel be­ing re­ported, with fish to 11 lb landed.

Tac­tics? Bomb or feeder with pel­lets, boilies or meat on the hook over hemp or pel­lets the most con­sis­tent ap­proach for the bar­bel. Bread or lob­worms worth a try for the chub. Where? Town Cen­tre, Ship­ley, West York­shire, BD18 3LF. Mem­bers only. Sal­taire AA mem­ber­ship £22.

Tel: 07815 092966.

What’s be­ing caught? Roach, skim­mers and perch to be had, with match bags to 7 lb and up to dou­ble-fig­ure plea­sure bags. Tac­tics? Pole across with cast­ers the best ap­proach for the big­ger fish. Mag­gots or pinkies over ground­bait for mixed bags. Bread punch worth a try for the roach.

Mir­field Canal

Where? Mir­field town cen­tre, West York­shire, WF14 8LL. Day tick­ets £3, must be bought be­fore fish­ing. Tel: Calder Angling Sup­plies on 01484 711063. What’s be­ing caught? Roach, perch and skim­mers feed­ing well, a re­cent match pro­duc­ing nine dou­ble-fig­ure bags, topped by a 13 lb win­ner.

Tac­tics? Pole and bread punch or cast­ers for the roach. Pinkies and/or squatts over ground­bait for mixed bags.

Stain­forth and Keadby Canal

Where? Thorne town cen­tre, South York­shire, DN8. Day tick­ets £3.50, on the bank. Don­caster & Dis­trict AA mem­ber­ship £25.

Tel: 01302 846623.

What’s be­ing caught? Town cen­tre stretch pro­duc­ing good bags of skim­mers, roach and perch. Match weight of 40 lb re­ported from the early 200s, backed up by a near-30 lb bag. Tac­tics? Pole with cast­ers and worms for the bream and skim­mers. Try a small open-end feeder if the wind is too strong for a pole. Bread punch and hemp pro­duc­ing roach, while pinkies or mag­gots over ground­bait will get you plenty of bites.

■ Sher­wood For­est Fish­ery, where £351 was raised for Chil­dren in Need, is in won­der­ful form for carp, bream, ide and roach.

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