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fault, but with the club’s hands tied by EA rules over the cost of re­moval, or at least keep­ing the pop­u­la­tion down, I can’t see any an­swer but to leave. How many other clubs have mem­bers leav­ing for the same rea­son? Andy Wing, via email.

Clubs suc­ceed

I READ the com­ments about ways for angling clubs to at­tract mem­bers. I think that angling clubs do a great deal al­ready, and the ex­cel­lent clubs con­tinue to thrive through a will­ing par­tic­i­pant mem­ber­ship. If the waters are poor or the fa­cil­i­ties are found to be lack­ing, an­glers will soon vote with their feet. Paul Martin, via Face­book.

Best for value

WHEN you use com­mer­cial

fish­eries with well-kept banks, tackle shops, mains toi­lets and show­ers… then you com­pare that with angling clubs with just waters where there is lit­tle or no main­te­nance. How­ever, some an­glers do need to look at them­selves and con­sider whether angling club fees are in fact ex­tremely cheap com­pared with the an­nual costs for com­mer­cials, with all the fa­cil­i­ties!

Brian Mor­gan, via Face­book.

Hello, hal­loween fish!

I THOUGHT Mail read­ers may like to see these pho­tos (be­low). Dur­ing a day when I couldn’t get on the bank to catch a bar­bel, I carved one in­stead. As with most bar­bel, it came to life as the sun went down.

Rob Waters, Egham, Sur­rey. MAIN­STREAM

SEV­ERN fans should watch Sun­day’s back-to-back re-runs of when Matt Hayes took cam­eras to the up­per reaches of this mighty river. Matt’s on ev­ery morn­ing, of course. Al­ways en­ter­tain­ing, but surely it’s time for Quest to mix it up? QUEST, SUN, 6AM.

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