Plas­tic cones for small baits

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After many years of ex­per­i­ment­ing with cat­a­pults, I have con­cluded that plas­tic, cone-shaped pouches are best for feed­ing baits such as mag­gots, cast­ers, hemp and small pel­lets.

This style of pouch keeps the feed grouped neatly, and gains the best dis­tance. Most of th­ese pouches fea­ture per­fo­ra­tions to help cut down re­sis­tance when you fire them, which is okay. But when us­ing mag­gots, squatts or pinkies, you need to try to find a de­sign of pouch with quite small per­fo­ra­tions, or your bait will crawl out or get stuck in the holes.

Plas­tic cone pouches come in var­i­ous sizes. The smaller ones, with small frames and light elas­tics, are very good for dink­ing out small amounts of bait reg­u­larly at short-to-medium range.

Stan­dard cones are for more gen­eral use, or for feed­ing at dis­tance, with medium-to-thick la­tex and beefier prongs and han­dles. You can get elon­gated cone pouches on cat­a­pults, de­signed for feed­ing lots of par­ti­cles, but th­ese are more for spec­i­men and carp an­glers.

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