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IDECIDED to change what planned to write be­cause it was all doom and gloom – cor­morants tak­ing 2 lb roach from my lo­cal club wa­ter, and lit­ter on the Thames (no, the EA didn’t get back to me).

In­stead, I’ll tell you about how I headed to a lo­cal club wa­ter, Wag­goners Wells (de­tails be­low), and be­fore the cold spell hit I en­joyed what I can only de­scribe as the best roach fish­ing I’ve had for years.

In just three hours I took

32 lb of qual­ity roach. How I would like to see more angling clubs cre­ate venues where roach are the dom­i­nate species, but un­for­tu­nately all they seem to do is chuck in a mix of species and see what takes con­trol – roach and es­pe­cially rudd rarely do­ing so.

Lock and North­brook, Ox­ford­shire. Ox­ford & Dis­trict AA mem­ber­ship through lo­cal clubs, such as The Ma­sons at £10 per year or Lit­tle­more AC at £12. Day tick­ets £5, from Tony Gee at Ace Tackle & Bait, Kid­dling­ton on 01865 372066 or £8 on the bank.

What’s be­ing caught? Most an­glers tar­get­ing the big chub, but catches and spots are kept quiet.

Tac­tics? Best ap­proach is to keep on the move and bait a few swims be­fore re­turn­ing. Cheesep­a­ste sorts out the big­ger fish, and after dark is best, but cray­fish can be a prob­lem.

River Thames

Where? Marsh Lane, Clan­field, Ox­ford­shire, OX18. Clan­field AC mem­ber­ship £30 plus £5 for a key, from lo­cal tackle shops. Tel: 07779 256407.

What’s be­ing caught? Dou­ble-fig­ure bags of qual­ity roach show­ing, with a few big chub and perch.

Tac­tics? Wag­gler and mag­gots best, just con­tinue feed­ing lit­tle and of­ten.

River Thames

Where? Thames Street, Wey­bridge, Sur­rey, KT13 8NG. Free fish­ing. Tel: Wal­ton Tackle Ex­change on 01932 242377. What’s be­ing caught? Bream and qual­ity roach will start to shoal here soon. There are a few barbel, most of them hooked by ac­ci­dent, along with very good Where? Hun­ston, Chich­ester, West Sus­sex, PO19 8QH (nearby South­ern Angling Spe­cial­ists). Day tick­ets £6. Chich­ester Ship Canal Trust sea­son £55, from the Basin shop.

Tel: 01243 531669.

What’s be­ing caught?

The sil­ver fish, es­pe­cially the skim­mers, are now shoaled up. Lo­cate th­ese and a good bag can be put to­gether. Plenty of pike, with a few dou­bles. Tac­tics? Pole with mag­gots, worms or cast­ers over a fine ground­bait for the skim­mers. Pike to rov­ing an­glers us­ing spin­ners and plugs.

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