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MORE and more pole man­u­fac­tur­ers are in­clud­ing white or cloud­coloured top kits in their range of ac­ces­sories, as they re­ally do help to dis­guise the pole sec­tions when fish­ing in either shal­low or clear wa­ter.

If you pole fish canals, they are bril­liant, and es­pe­cially at this time of year, when the colour starts to drop out of the wa­ter. Any­thing that will help you to avoid spook­ing fish has got to be a good idea, and th­ese def­i­nitely do help.

While they are rel­a­tively new as an off-the-shelf prod­uct, there is cer­tainly noth­ing new about the con­cept, and in years gone by an­glers have dis­guised their poles by spray­ing them with grey or white paint. Where? Ring­wood Fish­ery, Dorset, BH24 2AG. Day tick­ets £10 adults. Christchurch AC mem­ber­ship £12.50 per month. Tel: 01202 480009.

The late, great Som­er­set ex­pert and former Mail man Pete Hodge was ex­tolling the virtues of his white pole sec­tions on the Taun­ton and Bridg­wa­ter Canal long be­fore any man­u­fac­turer de­cided to sell them that way.

Peo­ple used to laugh at

Pete’s white pole sec­tions, but he had the last laugh as he would out­fish most on the cut, es­pe­cially when it came to tempt­ing big fish in the shal­low, gin-clear canal.

So my ad­vice is if you fish a cut, get your­self some of th­ese cloud or sky kits, or why not get crafty and save a few bob by spray­ing your ex­ist­ing tops? The best an­glers know how well it works, so why al­low them to catch all the fish this win­ter? What’s be­ing caught?

Plenty of spec­i­men barbel and chub as well as qual­ity roach, dace, pike and perch. Al­ways a chance of grayling, too. Tac­tics? A pel­let and PVA bag rig for the barbel. Trot­ting mag­gots and cast­ers for bites from the smaller species.

River Frome

Wool and Wool Manor, Dorset. Mem­bers only. Dorch­ester & Dis­trict AS part-year mem­ber­ships cur­rently £35.

Tel: 07816 175579.

What’s be­ing caught?

Good sec­tion for grayling to 3 lb-plus and dace.

Tac­tics? Trot­ting with top-and-bot­tom floats with mag­gots for the dace or corn for the grayling.

River Tone

Where? Hankridge To M5, Hankridge Farm, River­side Busi­ness Park, Taun­ton, Som­er­set, TA1 2LR. Free fish­ing. Tel: 01823 282518. What’s be­ing caught? Nar­row sec­tion where chub are the tar­get, backed by roach, dace and trout. Good bags pos­si­ble at this time of year.

Tac­tics? Stick float or wag­gler and mag­gots trot­ted through most pro­duc­tive. What’s be­ing caught?

Roach and perch in dou­ble-fig­ure bags, bonus bream of 3-5 lb and the chance of sev­eral fish if you get on them.

Tac­tics? Pole and mag­gots over crumb, or crumb feeder with red mag­gots.

Ken­net and Avon Canal


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