Ground­bait or loose­feed?

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SHOULD I feed small balls of ground­bait or loose­feed pinkies for small fish on my lo­cal river?

Andy Green, Lit­tle­port

YOU need to take into ac­count a few things here, namely depth, flow, water colour and the species that you are af­ter.

For in­stance, rudd favour loose­feed while skim­mers and hy­brids love a bit of ground­bait. Deep, moving water re­sponds to crumb but shal­low, slow-moving water is not ideal for ground­bait.

Should you go down the ground­bait route, slightly over­wet the mix so that it forms a small ball the size of a wal­nut eas­ily and is ca­pa­ble of car­ry­ing a few loose of­fer­ings added in.

Also con­sider the ground­baits be­ing used, be­cause a light mix will be of no use – go for slightly sticky ground­baits de­signed to catch bot­tom-feed­ing species. Ground­bait suits deeper water.

Loose­feed­ing, on the other hand ,is rel­a­tively sim­ple, work­ing on the tried and tested lit­tle and of­ten prin­ci­ple.

Pinkies are a great feed for small fish, but if the stamp of fish you are catch­ing is good, change to cast­ers as feed and on the hook to pick off some big­ger spec­i­mens.

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