THIS WEEK: Use a bait drop­per and catch more bar­bel


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HERE are dozens of de­vices on the mar­ket that are de­signed to help you feed ac­cu­rately, but one that doesn’t get the praise it de­serves is the bait drop­per.

When faced with deep or flowing water there re­ally is no bet­ter op­tion if you want to al­most guar­an­tee that your bait reaches the lay­ers where the fish are graz­ing.

Bar­bel So­ci­ety chair­man Steve Pope is a huge ad­vo­cate of the de­vice, and ad­mits it is one of the first items that finds its way into his tackle bag.

“I still never leave home with­out a bait drop­per. It has helped me catch a lot of fish over the years – even in flooded con­di­tions – and it is a great way of putting down a bed of bait to at­tract the fish,” ex­plained Steve.

“Loose­feed­ing baits such as hemp and mag­gots would just lead to the feed go­ing ev­ery­where, es­pe­cially in fast flowing rivers, so a drop­per is es­sen­tial to get the bait down ac­cu­rately and is a quicker way than just a feeder for putting down a lot of bait.”

When bar­bel are the tar­get Steve likes to cover his op­tions, and he added: “I in­tro­duce eight-to-10 big bait drop­pers full of hemp into three dif­fer­ent swims which are spaced well apart.

“Each of the swims will of­fer a steady glide or a nice crease and some nearby cover – typ­i­cal bar­bel ter­ri­tory. By feed­ing dif­fer­ent pegs you give your­self more chance of find­ing the res­i­dent big bar­bel.” Steve Pope with a fine bar­bel taken af­ter feed­ing with drop­per. A drop­per puts feed just where you want it.

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