Angling Times (UK) - - ADAM PENNING - Cling-On lives up to its name. It’s per­fect for bal­anced rigs. Home for five made-up rods.

Putty choice can be a very per­sonal one, but here at UKCarp this stuff from Nash re­ally is our favourite. It is stick­ier than the floor of a mar­ket-town night­club and heav­ier than Cra­dle of Filth.

It tena­ciously ad­heres to all sorts of hook­links and main­lines, and its tung­sten construction makes it sink bril­liantly too.

There are plenty of sub-stan­dard put­ties around, and it’s tempt­ing to think they are all the same, but this stuff just works. Avail­able in gravel, weed and clay colours, we can’t fault it. Haul­ing mul­ti­ple rods around calls for a cer­tain de­gree of pro­tec­tion, but there’s al­ways a pay off be­tween bulk and se­cu­rity when it comes to holdalls.

Light­weight quiv­ers some­times come up short when it comes to pro­tect­ing your pre­cious rods. If you gen­er­ally go for a fully zipped-up holdall for that rea­son, this Gard­ner of­fer­ing might just turn your head.

First off, this well-con­structed quiver keeps your rods in place bril­liantly. It takes five made-up rods, and a mix of Vel­cro straps and chunky buck­les keep them from slid­ing, ro­tat­ing and gen­er­ally bash­ing to­gether.

An­other boon is the de­sign of the rod sleeves. Nicely shaped and boast­ing a sturdy zip, these sheaths cover all the rod rings and the reel, but not the butt sec­tion. This means they can be used with 12ft or 13ft rods and any length in be­tween – a real bonus.

The shoul­der strap and carry han­dles are am­bidex­trous, a neat touch and – don’t pre­tend it doesn’t mat­ter – the fab­ric colour is ‘just right’ for that carpy look.

We have used and abused one of these sys­tems since the start of the year and it has stood up to ev­ery­thing we can throw at it.

The cen­tral space in the quiver it­self is sur­pris­ingly cav­ernous and there’s a neat par­ti­tion to keep your stink­ing net away from the rest of your gear. The sleeves, which are wa­ter­proof and rot-re­sis­tant, seem durable and well made, but the space for your reel is a lit­tle tight if you are us­ing an ex­tra-large big pit.

Apart from that mi­nor nig­gle, this hugely ver­sa­tile sys­tem has ca­su­ally shrugged off all the abuse we have thrown at it.

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